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Jacob Lafleur's Second Notebook

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Jacob Lafleur's Second Notebook.

I forgot my first notebook at Paul's camp, I'd have to go retrieve it. If it's still there standing, I haven't broke my promise yet.



Page 6 and 7 out of ??




Page 6

i woke up this morning with nothing someone stole almost everything i had and they didn't leave much.
i don't know how long i've been living away from civilization, but i think it would be time for me to make contact with the outside world.
I don't know.
I'm just scared.
I have rounded up the things they left.

-camera(thank fucking god)
-my clothes)
-an apple and a Spite soda can

I need to find supplies, then head for the shore.

I haven't thought about my real goal in so long.

I've just been so scared and lost

What day, month or year are we anyway?

Page 7

I have ventured outside my forest den in what seems like months...

It's nice to see cars and houses again.

I was sneaking in a military roadblock for supplies
i did a terrible job and i got some zombies after me.

luckily someone came by and killed them all

His name is Kenny. he doesn't know his last apparently.
He is also American, like my old friend...

I have to note, he really likes talking about Lions and Panthers, he gives me fun facts about them

We headed South together and we got to a city, it was Vybor he said.

We are still close to the airport then.

There is a community trading camp here.
It is built and ran by survivors like me.
They informed me that it has been about 800 days since the outbreak, 2 years.


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PAGE 8 & 9





DAY 850 now I'm counting.

Of course, id didn't go as planned...

It's been a couple days since I've wrote.
We tried making a rest stop for travellers to come hangout.
We got robbed early morning.
They didn't take the gear on me luckily.

I headed to some city called Sinister or some fucking shit.
I'm pissed.

Apparently, except that kinf stuff other survivors are usually friendly.
Ah! Yeah, right...
I hope to see Kenny again soon.

I will stay around the Northern part of Vybor. They are some interesting buildings here.
A few abandoned garages would be the perfect place to open a mechanic workshop.
Why not do my favorite gobby while I'm stuck in this shithole?
It was my time killer back home. Why not turn it into a useful job here?

The things I would do to find a Subaru here...




I don't need a huge space. I would need to scout a bit.
I will trade the valuable stuff I have or find for various car parts and work shop tools.

I need myself a;

Gun cleaning kit
I need hella spark plugs and motor oil
Wheels, lots of wheels.

I want people to have a pitstop, so I need car related parts and tolls mostly, and food.
but, for stuff I need I could so ome other services like clean their firearms and sharpen their blades.
I'll ask them to find me car parts. If they can and bring them back to the shop.
I will probably make an open area, for people to come inside freely even when I'm not home.
I'll leave a free stuff of box of things I don't need or can't trade.
Then, I'll leave a fireplace, water barrel, free gas (maybe).

Hope I don't get robbed this time!


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