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Ruleplay ban appeal

Final TurkRP

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Link to the source of punishment (report/post):

Why the verdict is not fair:

I gave more than enough time for the hostage to comply with the demand that I had given him. I do not believe this was roleplay as he was given more than enough time to comply with the demands that we asked him to meet. Plus, in this situation, there was no way to tell that he was not in their group (he was rocking the same armband, travelling with them) and on top of that, it appeared to be stalling with how long it was taking him to comply to the demand of hands up.


Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: 

In order to help explain my side better, I’ve requested the VOD of another player present as I couldn’t access RedSky’s to Highlight the video for accurate timestamps.




First I would like to say that Galland was by the blue car, wearing the same armband as everyone else that our group had initiated on. This led me to obviously believe that he was indeed affiliated with them and running with them as a group member. I cannot tab out of game to confirm this because 1) that would be metagaming, 2) I was in an active roleplay situation and you are to always focus on roleplay at hand 3) I don’t know this characters name nor the player just by voice. 


In this clip at 00:00:18 the initiation is dropped. At 00:00:30 the person I executed finally decided to put his hand up. This is 12 seconds after the initiation of “put your HANDS” up. He then drops his hand again as seen at 00:00:32 at 00:00:43 Galland is told yet again for BOTH HANDS to go up by myself this time. At 00:00:51 he is told yet again by me to put both hands up, us making it very clear that we wanted both hands. 00:00:57 I again say both hands, beginning a count down 00:01:02 he is executed for failing to put both hands up. 


I know he said a few times that he was trying and one moment but how does it take a full 42 seconds to comply with the wishes that are simple demands. He states that he isn’t involved in a lot of PVP but has been a member on the server since 2014 with 400 hrs. It shouldn’t take that long to use the scroll wheel nor hit F5 or even go through the other emotes of using the F functions.


From an in-character perspective, my character acted accordingly. We had asked this guy to comply with our demand of both hands up several times, even while taking fire. It appeared to be him stalling in my eyes as It doesn’t take long for someone to throw both their hands up. Worried that this might just be a distraction or he was going to try something against us, I had to do what I felt was fit. He had not complied with our demands (several demands at that) and was given what I feel like was a fair amount of time to put his hands up. 42 seconds is rather generous. Although he states that he was unarmed people do like to hide MP7’s in their back pockets waiting for the opportunity to strike.

Also wish I could have talked it out with this guy to explain my side, but the reported issue wasn’t even towards me specifically for this incident. 


What would you like to achieve with this appeal: 

Ban removed & Points Removed


What could you have done better?: 

I guess I could have given him a bit longer, even though I felt like this was a fair amount of time. 

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Hello @TurkRP,

A separate team of staff has reviewed your appeal and come to the conclusion of denying it.  At the end of the day, while you did technically have rights to kill Galland, we feel as though the use of them was inappropriate in this situation.  Galland was complying to the best of his ability and audibly noted his attempts to put both of his hands up, posing no active threat in the situation.  We do, however, understand the situation was heated and you were actively being shot at, hence the reduction in punishment issued in the original verdict.

With that said,
Appeal denied.  Ban and points remain.

Signed by @Peril & @Conor

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