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This is Jack Ceaser


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*Jack pulls out his radio and presses down on the PTT button, sounding almost sad, but more melancholy*

I've suffered too long with these urges passed onto me. I'm a soul undeserving of the pain, but a soul deserving of the punishment. My name is Stan Dahmer, better known to the people of Chernarus as Jack Ceaser. Today is the day I die. Despite lots of effort of hiding a secret from many people, I admit to everyone now that I am in fact a cannibal. I have slaughtered and eaten at least a dozen of innocent people in Chernarus since the start of the outbreak over two years ago. My belongings are in the church directly south of the school on the southern border of Severograd. A knife, Hatchet, a copy of this note, and a necklace with 3 severed fingers on it. Tokens from some important people I've feasted on. As well as some Vodka for my good friend Mack Gruber. Whoever finds my things may have them. Cannibal memorabilia might still be popular for some people. I will be forgotten quickly, but that's just how things work here.

Farewell Gruber. I don't know where you're at old man, but I'm killing myself in the North while drunk as piss on Vodka, thinking of all the great times we had together. Have a good retirement, old man.

Mark Manner, I'm sorry for everything I did, I truly am. I wouldn't take it back. But I hope you find peace.

Noah Russo, I may have betrayed you, But you betrayed me without proof of my guilt. I am sorry for leading you on. It sucks you have to find out like this.

James Mason, Burn in hell.

Declan, I'm sorry that we'll never have more stupid adventures. We had only just met as well. Live your best life, buddy.

I feel remorse, but also do not. Monsters don't truly care, do they?

I may have forgotten many of the people I have met, but this last message is private. Please tune out.


Miles, I'm sorry. I probably ruined your life. Became someone you could look up to. But I hid this secret from you. You always knew something was wrong with me. And I'm sorry for leaving you alone so suddenly. Find peace with yourself. Survive this whole thing. We'll meet again somewhere. Stay safe.

*Jack releases the PTT*

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*Noah Presses down on his PTT*

"Man this is it? This is how the great Jack Caesar comes to an end? Good fucking riddance. Cross this off my to do list.

Stealing 2 thousand nails, being a rat, Lying to me? This is the smartest thing you could do to escape me and others you have wronged.

Fuck you Jack. I hope you Rot in hell."

*Noah would Pause*

"But what kind of person would I be if I didnt give you credit where credit is due. Jack, I would like to thank you for fighting along side Syndicate and the Information you have given me. Thank you Jack Caeser, You will still Rot in hell for what you Have done."

*Noah lets go of his PTT and smiles*

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