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AOGM question.


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  • Sapphire

I'm not sure if this was updated back or not due to the locks being broken in the past.

Is it AOGM for people to take wires off gates and/or have one way doors? (Can only open from one side of a wall)

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  • Legend

When combination locks were broken @Roland stated that taking wires off gates in order to stop intruders was allowed. Once they had been fixed I asked to confirm whether still allowed or not, the response I got was that it was not considered AOGM to take a wire off your fence turning it into a wall. I have not since heard of any changes, although I would like @Roland to confirm this to make sure that he stance is yet to change on the matter. Creating a gate that can only be accessed from the inside is however considered AOGM as our Gamemaster team have been actively deleting them as they go around. It would also be nice to get Rolle's firm stance on this too, since this has never been bought up since I joined staff.

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