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Unnecessary post in a GENERAL discord chat

Ryan Shepherd

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Link to the source of punishment (report/post): 




Why the verdict is not fair:

Discord is used as it is a fast source of communication, as a result, it is less formal than forum posts. We have #'s for each topic to cater for different needs and keep conversations relevant. Then comes the #GENERAL, the most popular because it is where everyone speaks about their days, some people talk about work, some people talk about what issues they think needs addressing in the community, some even flame but most importantly general is where everyone loosens up and may have a laugh together, I speak to people on general I usually would not have OOC communications with which makes it interesting, especially some banter. 

So some context to the above. There is a fairly popular joke where you ask someone 'Do you know who Joe is?' the desired responce is 'Joe who?' then you type, in capital letter preferably, 'JOE MOMMA', its a very childish joke but that's what makes it funny, for me atleast. I was speaking to @Roland in general when I was trying my hardest to make him respond to me and say 'Who is joe?' at this point, this amazing moment happened & I swiftly responded with 'JOE MOMMA.' Immediately @Roland rather than banning me, he removed my discord role as an inconvenience counter joke so I had to go to the effort of leaving the discord, going to the forums and using another invite. I returned and he removed my roles again, I returned again & I said to @Roland 'I hate you'. He responded with 'The feeling is mutual ? ', it was all friendly banter as we know our lord commander @Roland does have a great sense of humour in less serious scenarios. This brings me to the second screenshot right side, this was issued to me by @PaulB:

The topic of trying to recreate these silly jokes stemmed. A friend of mine, asked me did i meet Yuri, I said 'Yuri who?' He slammed 'YURI TARDED' in my face, I thought it was brilliant, great banter. I was later conversing with @RiZ when I decided it was the prime opportunity to catch out what I thought was an innocent @RiZ. I asked him 'Did you meet Yuri last night.' He beat around the bush, the fucker was on to me. In the end I gave up and said 'Damn think his name was YURI TARDED (fuck you avoiding yuri who @RiZ.) Immediately @Roland once again removed my roles and I had to repeat the joining process again. Once I returned I said 'This is becoming a bit of an inconvenience now @Roland' insinuating I am only making a fool of myself having to rejoin each time & I would accept defeat. However a couple minutes later I was banned from this discord and the warning issued.

The left hand side screenshot I do not understand how is 'Necro' or an 'UP' as we call it. The right side is the joke, which was in no way meant ill toward @RiZ, as can be seen in the left screen shot, he was too joining it.

Since when can a GENERAL discord chat used for totally irrelevant material where community members get to know eachother on a personal level where they would never converse OOC if the forums was the only medium.

Why is it that I am singled out for an 'unnecessary post' and no one else is? Compared to the random material that is spoken about there day in and day out. I feel this is none other than a personal vendetta against outspoken members like myself. I am not the only case that I have seen. Which is becoming more frequent.

Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view:

I used an 'Ask the staff' before writing this appeal and I am still none the wiser why I was issued these warnings other than 'because we can.' 

What would you like to achieve with this appeal:

 Points revoked & unbanned from discord.

What could you have done better?:

Have a zero banter policy

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Hello @Ryan Shepherd,

A separate team of staff members have reviewed this appeal and come to the conclusion to deny it. Whilst you will be allowed to return to the DayZRP discord, your points will remain. 
You were asked to stop by Roland, he removed you from the discord and you came back and continued. In future, please listen when a staff member (especially the owner of the server) asks you to stop. Whilst we understand that yes, it is discord, and yes a lot of things get said. You should be respectful when a member of staff asks you to calm down, or to stop entirely. You ignored that, which is why you were banned and issued points. You were not singled out, as many others in the same situation had the same punishment you did.

With that said:

APPEAL DENIED: Unbanned from Discord, points remain.

Signed: @Fae + @Rover

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