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Ryan Dudley's Journal

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*Ryan climbs large oak tree and purched with one leg dangling as he reaches in his buttpack pulling out journal writing down date* 

November 1st, 2019

 I just can't get her out of my head... well not just her but both of them. I miss you two every second of every day. It has been 844 days since the outbreak but it has been even longer since i have seen my wife and daughter. All i have left is the memories of waking up in bed with my wife by my side and my daughter between us. *Ryan sheds a small tear thinking about it as he looks at a small Polaroid picture he took of his wife and daughter before they died* i think about the way your soft hands feel on my beard and how you'd bitch at me to shave, and i think about the way ophelia and you would light up ever time i came home from work. *tear drop falls onto journal page, Ryan wipes eyes and sniffles but sits up strong readjusting him self as he sits on tree branch way up high looking over the new compound they are building* i just wanted to say i love you and i miss you and i will live on with the memory of you two in my heart. - Sighed Ryan Dudley 

 *wipes away another tear and places page marker in book as well as photo slowly closes the book sliding his hand down the dark leather spine laying his head back on the tree slowly closes eyes with the memories of his wife and kid*  



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