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Would like to ask how many cautions should each person in the community be given? 
As the images below cautions have been given out multiple times to the same people. 
Yet I was lead to believe it was only one or none at all?



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Hello @noir ,


In many instances when the staff team do not immediately notice an issue, we will handle a number of posts in 'bulk'. For example if no one from the staff team interjects between two players in an argument and we find that they flamed each other, we may not issue one flaming per post, but instead hit them with either a single flaming, or a single aggravated flaming, and mark all of their posts for that singular instance. This is to avoid players in a swift heated discussion racking up a ridiculous number of points in short order. 

This is based on the discretion of the staff team handling the specific reports in question, and the severity of the rule breaks in question.


Hope that helps, feel free to edit if you have any questions.

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