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Server time (UTC): 2021-12-08 22:52

Deer Isle: Griefing - Kamengorsk - Tower/City Center - 30/10/2019 ~20:30"


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Server and location: S2 ? Deer Isle - Kamenogorsk (Stonington) - Western Tower in the city center

Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 30th of October ~ 20:30 might have been earlier.  (My recording is from 20:48)

Your in game name: Alexander Rudnik

Names of allies involved: Not relevant

Name of suspect/s: Alec Douglas and friends

Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any):  Nope

Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): 











Detailed description of the events: 

Came back from god knows where I really don't remember to drop some stuff and log out for the day, to find the "base" if you wanna call it that raided.
Few things were stolen, but honestly don't care and it doesn't matter imo.
Annoying part is that stuff was left on the floor to despawn, even though there would have been space to store it and two hesco barriers were placed for god knows what reason IC.

Looking at the report below I figured they also tried to use those barriers to boost over our walls but got probably stuck in the ceiling of the room, so instead broke the lower frame of the wall to enter.
Name from the suspect I got out of the report below and additionally at least the ssername OOC from a radio broadcast I left globally on the server, to which he replied and RP resulted out of it.


SunkenBiscuits - Wednesday at 09:51 PM
[RADIO BROADCAST]: Kraut, if you copy this, we have information on who trashed your pub, return promptly to talk. This is Dirty Mike

RoCKiE - Wednesday at 09:41 PM
[RADIO BROADCAST]: *an angry man with a slight german accent can be heard through the radio*" Who the fuck trashed my bar ? Are you fucking serious man.. unbelievable."

This isn't about anything that happend after this raid I might add though, simply about the fact that I think this is griefing and seeing similar things happen to other people (abuse of game mechanics).

That's it ? 




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Hey partner, I'm not sure what the etiquette on these posts are but if you recall correctly, this incident ended in actual RP.

I forget who was all involved in this situation, but there were quite a few of us. A 'secret' group of radical prohibitionists who were tipped off about a pub that was being built in that tower. 

We use Hesco now to see if anything in the base is worth raiding, we placed two hesco kits to be "realistic" because floating hesco is obviously not realism. we saw your lockers, and subsequently hacksawed the lock. We rummaged through the locker and found all your glass bottles and verified that this was the pub we were looking for. 

I appreciate you trying to point out exploitation of game mechanics because that devalues the game experience for everyone, however we align ourselves with the rules. As for the 'wreckage' of the pub, this was entirely within our scope of RP and was not pointless damage, I do apologize for the unpleasant RP however, but, we did try everything within our power to engage with you after as well, we returned to the pub and robbed you after the incident. Granted we did not purposefully despawn any items, we actually tried our best to take as much as we could and leave very few items of any worth. This incident was a little bit ago and we do quite a bit of raiding so i cant remember every specific, like whether we stole your locker or not, feel free to let me know if im missing any details.

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Again this wasn't about the rp afterwards, don't care if it is unpleasant or not, if I get hurt, die or whatever I'll have to deal with it.
The sole reason rp came out of it and we actually met in person was because of my radio call. Otherwise this would have been a random raid.

And on the note of randomness, since you brought this up to explain your reasoning, which I never asked for.

Not once did you mention that you are a prohibitionist or that you don't want people opening up a bar/pub and handing out alcohol for free. (at least I don't remember and it is not in my recordings)
You even drank our vodka in front of my face.



The sole purpose of our interaction afterwards was that you appealed to my morals to give you my belongings in exchange to save a random guy that I never met before, which is fine, but that has nothing to do with what you stated above.
I denied the offer and you took it anyways, which is again fine by me, I had a choice.

Also the only lock that could have been destroyed was on the gate afaik, which was buried in hesco blocks.

What I am trying to get a across here, if you really are radical prohibitionists and this was about us handing out alcohol, maybe mention it or make a radio post in the forums just like Anarchy does/did to remind people of their weapon licenses.

Get the point across that you don't want anyone selling alcohol etc.
To me personally, until I read it in your reply above, this just seemed like someone had anger issues and took it out on our tower.
Please just saw open the gate like everyone else does next time.
And the last thing I wanna mention,  worth of items is quiet subjective, so it doesn't really matter what is left behind on the floor, always a matter of perspective.

Don't really think every single item needs to be put back in place if you, let's say steal a tent or a locker, it's understandable that some stuff is left out on the floor.
But you didn't steal a storage item, there was no reason to put that stuff on the floor, again speaking from the point of view I mentioned above (that this is just a random raid and not about prohibition).

I think with that I said everything that bothered me about this, only thing that annoyed me is that hesco shit that none of us could remove, and it making no sense to me. 
No real harm was done, only to my mental health.
No clue how reports are handled these days, close this if you wish, unless you (staff) feel otherwise.

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@Ryan Beck @Grifff @Sloose_1up 
I reckon that's all of them.

This might just be an addon seeing as I don't actually remember what Items were left, but I recall telling some of the guys to grab a plate carrier and some other items from the ground but they may not have grabbed them, this could be entirely irrelevant because they could have grabbed it. I'm not sure, but it's more information nonetheless.

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Connection logs:


18:07:00 | Player "Ben Hawk" is connected
18:51:31 | Player "Ryan Beck" is connected
19:09:39 | Player "Maxwell Simmons" is connected
19:38:31 | Player "Ajax Jones" is connected
20:13:05 | Player "Alec Douglas" has been disconnected
20:13:15 | Player "Alec Douglas" is connected
20:25:04 | Player "Ryan Beck" has been disconnected
20:25:38 | Player "Ryan Beck" is connected
20:28:16 | Player "Ben Hawk" has been disconnected
20:39:26 | Player "Ben Hawk" is connected
21:09:35 | Player "Alec Douglas" has been disconnected
21:09:42 | Player "Alec Douglas" is connected
21:30:13 | Player "Maxwell Simmons" has been disconnected
21:35:39 | Player "Ajax Jones" has been disconnected
21:43:12 | Player "Ajax Jones" is connected
22:08:51 | Player "Alec Douglas" has been disconnected
22:08:51 | Player "Ryan Beck" has been disconnected
22:08:51 | Player "Ajax Jones" has been disconnected
22:08:51 | Player "Ben Hawk" has been disconnected


Position Logs:


20:01:19 | Player "Alec Douglas" pos=<6842.6, 1978.8, 74.2>)
20:01:19 | Player "Ben Hawk" pos=<6838.0, 1979.4, 72.8>)
20:01:19 | Player "Ryan Beck" pos=<6842.0, 1978.0, 74.2>)
20:01:19 | Player "Maxwell Simmons" pos=<6906.5, 1979.2, 89.2>)
20:01:19 | Player "Ajax Jones" pos=<6840.4, 1978.1, 74.2>)


Building logs:


19:57:39 | Player "Alec Douglas" (pos=<6840.8, 1980.2, 72.8> placed HESCO Kit (3)
20:04:26 | Player "Maxwell Simmons" (pos=<6841.8, 1980, 72.8> placed HESCO Kit (5)
20:08:42 | Player "Ryan Beck" (pos=<6846.3, 1978.6, 72.8>) dismantled Fence with Hatchet
20:09:47 | Player "Ryan Beck" (pos=<6846.3, 1978.6, 72.8>) dismantled Fence with Hatchet
20:13:35 | Player "Ryan Beck" (pos=<6840.1, 1975.7, 72.8>) dismantled Fence with Crowbar
20:15:04 | Player "Ajax Jones" (pos=<6847.9, 1978.9, 72.8>) placed Barrel




Calling in the following people for their point of view as well as any un-edited video evidence they may have.

@SunkenBiscuits - Alec Douglas - POSTED

@Grifff - Maxwell Simmons - POSTED

@Ryan Beck - Ryan Beck - POSTED

@Sloose_1up - Ajax Jones - POSTED

@Hawky - Ben Hawk - POSTED

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we raided it, put the hesco kit to peak over the fence to see what they were packing. We didn't realise it was over the lock so personally I tried to remove my hesco after but it wouldn't allow me for some reason thats the shovel, axes and other tools on the ground. so we knocked down the wall and raided. We was telling each other to grab stuff from the floor and then we heard somebody outside then went on to kidnap them (Sir. Donald Beckett) quickly. I assumed that every body else thought the other people grabbed the loot.

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Us, The los banditos, Raided the pub. Their was 5 of us. We used 2 hesco kits to peep over the walls to see if there was anything valuable, We the chop down a lower half of a wall to access the the loot. Once we found the loot we were doing our best to sort out who could hold what. This led to a lot of stuff on the floor we didn't think to put it back in. For the hesco barrier we didn't notice that this blocked the code lock but you can see around we tried a lot of tools to repack them but we still don't know how to pack them. i would be happy to join discord and help with this investigation. 

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We raided the pub and put hesco kits down so we could get over the wall once we chopped down the wall whilst looting we heard someone downstairs speaking and quickly went to go check and see who it was then we kidnapped them and i assumed that everyone grabbed the loot thus us lot leaving the raid and we tried to pick up the hesco kits with a shovel/pickaxe and other tools and wasn't working

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my Persective was mearly the same as others, we used two hescos kits as steps to watch incase anyone was inside while i was using my hatchet on the wall, we got in grabbed loot, after this point i had irl stuff going on so my attention wasent 100% but i just walked with the rest of the lads and when i was fully commited i  could see we were trying to remove the barriers as even i noticed the lock was not visible but i turned a blind eye thinking it will be sorted by someone else 



Edit - sorry for late reply was out and about

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 Griefing/Abuse of Game Mechanics - @SunkenBiscuits - GUILTY

Griefing/Abuse of Game Mechanics - @Grifff - GUILTY



Griefing/Abuse of Game Mechanics

@SunkenBiscuits and @Grifff, in your efforts to raid the base of @RoCKiE you placed down two HESCO kits inside of each other over the main gate into his base. This is abuse of game mechanics, as the HESCO kits are not supposed to be placed inside of a wall or each other, and this is not how the building tools are intended to be used. You should not be placing items in ways they do not normally fit so that they protrude through walls, be those walls player made or naturally occuring.

This was also considered to be griefing, as leaving the HESCO barriers there without removing them made it impossible for @RoCKiE to use his base' gate or access a portion of the room. We understand that you were interrupted by another player and that was why you did not finish returning all of the items into open storage, but in the future you should me an effort to do this so you do not needlessly despawn another players gear. You must always be sure that the damage you cause to another players base is proportionate to your RP-history with that player. You can not just trash their base because you don't like something about them or what they are doing.



@SunkenBiscuits and @Grifff in the future we would recommend if you are ever in the situation of having left behind an object that is blocking access to  another players base you join the Help Desk in the Discord channel and contact a member of the staff team. If you are unable to remove the items we can either coach you on what is required (HESCOs are removed with Hatchets) or if it is unable to be reached due to being placed into a wall we can delete the item to prevent the Base Owner from logging in to find themselves griefed.



 Griefing/Abuse of Game Mechanics - @SunkenBiscuits - GUILTY - 7 Day Ban, 15 warning points

Griefing/Abuse of Game Mechanics - @Grifff - GUILTY - 7 Day Ban, 15 warning points

Signed: @Rover, @Hofer

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