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Cant Log in the server


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You seem to have a mod missing, can you post a screenshot of your mod list?

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I have a big list of mods


i have 136 mods installed, because i play on other servers aswell.

maybe if you give me the list for dayzrp i can check which one is missing. Thank you for the help.


I have a new pc, that's why i'm having this issue

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This is the mod list you need, apart from Deer Isle which is exclusive to S2, everything else should be downloaded and put in that order.

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Did you correctly set up a mod profile on the DayZ Launcher?

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Join the help desk and a staff member will give you a hand over voice

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1 hour ago, waVer said:

97747329_Semttulo.jpg.b50f3eff0cc3f1059e4df20eee59a04f.jpgHello im sorry to bother you guys, but i cant log in.


I have all the mods of the servers list


What can i do?

Do you still need assistance? Or has the issue been resolved? 

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