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Unnecessary post, necro and spam

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I would like a clear answer on what is considered:

spamming the forum 

unnecessary post 

necro please see below 




last post made July 29th 3 months ago 


post made 3 months prior 


post made 3 months prior 


post made three months prior 



spamming the forum and necro’ing old threads 


as staff surely you must uphold the same rules for everyone not just older members as of late it seems staff are targeting older members of the community for unnecessary post and allow new white lists to get away with such things, 

please can this be looked into 

and also if this does come under the “necro” rule, this proves the point thst so many people have been shouting, new whitelist ARE NOT READING THE RULES 


@Hoferthat doesn’t answer my question, and also one of them posts is over 3 months 


@Hoferso then can I also ask why you have just issued 2 cautions and not one ? but you just stated “one caution” so things don’t really seem all that equal and again it seems as staff are targeting the more vocal members of the community with points and newer fresher community members are aloud to run a muck9D75C764-BDF7-44FE-812F-CFC1185F5814.thumb.png.617c022181fa7f7819200b26d4e81a24.png

Also thank you for informing the community of my reporting activity, very nice of you 


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The general rule is that all threads with last reply older than 3 months should not be replied to unless one responds with new, relevant information.

None of the threads have more than three month old replies, however we are looking into the content of each post and will take action if we deem it necessary.

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To answer your other question;

New community members have to obide by the same rules as veteran community members. The main difference usually is that new community members have a caution for their first warning available, while most veteran community members already used their one caution.

You've reported a high amount of posts in the past few weeks and we have handed out warnings/cautions to those we deem to breach our rules.

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