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New jobs available - 102.5Mhz (open frequency)


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  • MVP

*Jan turns on the broadcasting system and starts to speak into the microphone*

''Hello folks, depressed cowboy here with another broadcast from Redwood Radio.
We once again, have jobs available here at the radiostation. 

Have you ever wanted to be news reporter? You like to work on establishing a civil news platform? 
Are you good in securing people's safety around settlements? Or have you always wanted your own radioshow?

Contact me on either this frequency, private frequency or just come visit us.
This is Delta Charlie over and out.''

*Jan turns the microphone of and boots up the radio scanner and listens in if people respond*

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  • Diamond

*Giggling alongside with Dan, he clicks his radio on talking into the PTT with a bad Chernarussian accent impression.*


"Ano, me and my heavily armed friend would like to join, but we only accept payment in pumpkins and of friendship bracelets. If you cannot pay, then we take over Redwood. It will be Bluewood out of spite. Understand, ano?"


*He lowers his radio busting into childish giggles with Dan.*

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  • MVP

*Jan had been listening for a week and was disappointed by the fact noone responded. He turns on the broadcast console again and tries to reach out on the same frequency for one more time.*

''Hello folks. Depressed cowboy back again. I don't know if the first transmission made it through clear, because we didn't get any serious response. 
If your still out there and listening. Our offer still stands.

If your looking for something to do, something to work towards and are interested in radio and media. Then please contact me on this frequency.
We at Redwood Radio could very well use a couple of helping hands.
Delta Charlie over and out.''

*Turns the broadcast console off and hopes people will respond*

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  • Emerald

*Frank Blackburn would speak over his handheld radio, hearing the recent transmission*

"Do you know how to cure this stupid ass sickness I picked up yesterday? Some people say it's new to the area or something."

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A russian voice sparked over the airwaves, returning the message sent out by the suicidal wild west wanderer.

-bzzt- "We have seen your station quite often, it is admirable what you are doing to benefit the people of South Zagoria. A prviate frequency could be arranged, to further discuss sensitive information. We will send an envoy to your location with a slip of paper. It'd be appreciated if we have names to give it too. The Red-Wood radio has many ideas, many ideologies that align with ours near perfectly. Further discussing how to assist you would be great. How shall we contact you, Delt-tah Charlie?" 

With a click, the transmission ended, the crackle of radio returning.

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  • MVP

*Jan listens to the two gentleman and decides to respond. He turns on the broadcast console and speakes in the microphone*

''Finally some people responding! To the first man. I am sorry to say, but we are no doctors. Just people that know how to build antennes and use audio equipement.
I don't know any operating medical center, but I do almost always find people around the Stary Sobor medical post. You could try your luck around there I suppose.''

*Pauses for a second*

''Second man. I believe some people recently visited us stating similair things you are saying. Could have been some of your people. Mind me asking who you are? If you don't want to answer on this frequency then I suggest scan from 446.006 25 MHz to 446.081 25 MHz. Use a CTCSS of 150.0Hz . After the first receiption on my side, I will send you a second frequency range which will then be relative secure. Delta Charlie over.''

*Jan turns off the broadcast console and sets his radio scanner on the right frequency range and waits until he receives the tone code*

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