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Coming back 'from the dead'

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This will probably be considered a 'duh' question by some, but for the life of me, I've been looking around the forums and looked at the rules and I can't find an answer to this conundrum.



Little Timmy is a valued member of his group and held in high regard. One day, some bad, bad men roll into town where Timmy's group resides, guns raised. Timmy tries to heroically defend his fellow brethren, but oh no! The bad men were quickest on the draw, and Timmy is shot dead. The community is shaken by Little Timmy's apparent death.

A few hours later, Timmy is seen striding into town once again, cheerful as always. "What's with the frown, fellas?" he asks.

"Timmy, we thought you were dead!" says one member of the group. "You were shot 16 times!" says another.

"Golly gee, I sure have no idea what you goonies are talking about!" Timmy says with a wide grin.


So my question is, how do you deal with the conflicting knowledge that characters in a community have upon a specific character's 'death' who returns after the NLR time limit has expired? 🤔


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It's usually the group around you that roleplays your shooting. Most commonly, you were saved by a plate carrier/armor or you took a bullet to the helmet and were knocked out.

It's up to your fellow roleplayers to help "cover" for your story and roleplay moving your body/etc.

When you get back, if you choose to you can do medical RP or roleplay out an injury (this is preferred to give meaning behind the battle).

It's ultimately up to you what you do when you die in game if you don't PK.

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Pretty much what RiZ said. If you mark your CP as DEAD then you cannot bring that character back though. Keep that in mind. But if you die in a Fire Fight or to Infected and people see your corpse and mourn you in game, you're not required to stay dead or perma as we call it here.

Is it a little immersion breaking? Yeah, but people usually say "Oh I blacked out then woke up and feel like shit." Or they have friends say they carted you off somewhere for medical treatment and you're gucci. Some people even say, "Well that wasn't me who died! Some other dude!"


The only time you can be forced PK'd is for a NVFL Rule Break, in which the Admin/GM Team will forcefully mark your character as DEAD on your CP and prevent you from playing that character again.

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RiZ, in the situations you describe, if the character who got shot decides not to do a PK and returns to his/her community, wouldn't that character inevitably end up with the knowledge of what transpired?

If so, wouldn't that potentially conflict with the part of the rules that state that you're not allowed to get involved in the situation that caused your demise? The reason I ask this, is that I feel it might be logical for some characters to seek revenge and re-initiate hostilities with "The bad, bad men". I know some might answer that this character would RP an injury that wouldn't allow him/her to take part in any further hostilities, but let's say that this shooting was such a significant event that it might lead to a week's worth of RP between the two factions. Should the character stay out of that entire conflict as long as it continues?

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No, you wouldn't be required to stay out of the conflict. Your friends/allies who survived would remember this conflict and could let you know as to what happened. If everyone around you is wiped and no one lets you know what happened, then you would not be able to remember the incident unless granted permission by the other party.

This is what usually happens. This is due to New Life Rule, where you can't remember what happened, but others can. That being said, you don't die in a gunfight, get back to base, find out what happened and run directly to find those people and reinitiate. Generally let it cool off for a few days to let the roleplay build.

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15 minutes ago, hideinahole said:

Alright, thanks for the great answers, folks. I am thoroughly satisfied!


Role Play it out as best you can. I know you got this! Best of luck! 

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