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Unnecessary Discord Post?

Ryan Shepherd

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I received this warning today:



The 'rulebreak' quoted here makes zero sense, it only refers to the FORUMS regarding unnecessary posts. These comments were in discord in the GENERAL chat where people talk about the most irrelevant material and for some strange reason I get warned for the above which makes zero sense to me, can someone please explain the reasoning behind this warning as @PaulB failed to properly explain why here.

Since when can comments posted in discord be deemed unnecessary posts? I missed that memo.

Edit: @PaulB in no shape or form were these comments placed to provoke/anger @RiZ and I think its pretty obvious it was banter. Pretty ridiculous if you ask me how I was singled out here and quite frankly seems like you were told to give me warning points for no valid reason.

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Hello @Ryan Shepherd,

Im really sorry for the issues caused. Seems i have wrongly evaluated quoting the rules as it should be this.

1.1 We demand all our members to be polite, behave maturely and with respect towards one another at all times. Do not insult, bully, harass, troll or provoke other DayZRP members.

As stated bellow in the warnimg if you feel the points have been given unwarranted feel free to make an appeal of those points.

Also please @Roland for your POV in this case.

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Greetings @Ryan Shepherd,

As Roland has stated here, you can be issued any rule break on the discord too. The forum rules also apply to the discord and sometimes community members will be banned from the discord for something that doesn't justify being warned for flaming/flamebait but rather an unnecessary comment made, hence the warning for an unnecessary post. If you have any more questions you are more than welcome to shoot me a message!


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