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Food for the people

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*Vanessa presses down the PTT*

"If anybody would like some food then head to the pond by Kab."

*She pauses for a second*

"Oh! And dont forget to bring good mood and smiles. And as always, dont forget to take care of each other and take care!"

*She releases the PTT*

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*Yuri reaches for his radio once again, clearing his throat to respond*

"Ah, Hello! once again."
"Im afraid i won't be coming by this time to pick up the supplies for Grishino..."

*Yuri stops, thinking about how he should explain the situation, takes a sip of slivovica from his own flask*

"The local trader seems... well... out of business, Grishino is no longer safe."
"Bandits roam the area..."

*With a voice of disdain*

"The local "town guard"  basically working with said bandits..."
"Not even the Vybor compound is safe, lots of dead comrades laying in the streets at the very moment."

"I'd advice to steer clear of those places, maybe go visit Shakovka, people there are trying hard to hold the village together."
"They could use some help."

"Thank you for the hard work!"

*Yuri lets go of the PTT and the transmission turns to static.*

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*Charles brings his radio up and pushes down the PTT*

"I'm sorry if sound, pessimistic, but you might wanna be careful doing this."
"There's plenty of people out here who cause trouble for the sake of causing it."
"You sound like a good person, not many like you are left in this world."
"Just be mindful of those who come, because this kindness you hold will slowly ebb away within time."
"I know mine did.."

*He releases the PTT and takes a deep breath.*

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