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Hector notes and thoughts

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The morning is cold...seeing my breath in the morning air has my mind wondering

Hector pulls his book out and starts to write quickly before he has to move again.

"My new friend brought me to town where it seems to have people trying to survive and is trying start something new. Many of the people are staying busy building, framing, and it looks to be trading...reminds me of some of the villages back home."

Hector shakes his head to get back to get his mind in order

"As we sit here patiently waiting for any sign of this killer, my new friend whispers to me....."that's her over there" as he points 

" I sit with eyes locked on and respond "are you sure?" My friend comes back at me while shaking his head nervously "Yes Hector 100% that's her

"At this point all I see is a young woman, I would have never thought someone so young and beautiful could be a monster that took something from me." 

I have no need for this man I have had with me for the two days looking for this killer, I look at the man and say..."go back to your camp, never speak about about me and I give you my word I will never return and finish what I had started." The man runs off and I go back to continue my hunt and wait for the right time to get the info I need from this killer. 

"I know not to judge a book by the cover, so I will follow and observe until I get my opportunity to become face to face with this monster."



Keep an eye the others around me

She has a short of swagger about her

What's with the white in her hair

She will pay for Rin!!!

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