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Hello all


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Good morning everyone, I’m new to the community and looking forward to swapping stories and assisting anyone and everyone with their food, medical needs. One problem, I can’t seem to figure this active character issue out. I’ve made a character in game and on the site but still isn’t registering that I have an active character. Can anyone help? I apologize if this post isn’t allowed in this section. Thank you. 

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Greeting and welcome ?

To answer your question your character is not set to visible, here is a guide on how to fix it:



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Hello there! 

Lemme guess, your name is a representation of Genji mains? 

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Welcome to the community man, hope you enjoy it here as everyone else does.

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Welcome to the community!

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Welcome to the community sir! Hope you enjoy it here the same way we do! If you have any question im here for you! 

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