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Regarding discord go live function

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So for some reason i had this idea pop in my head so hear me out.So you know how theirs a go live function in discord know where everyone one in your channel can see your small stream.Now what if you get held up by some people and your small stream is on and they tell you to drop your radio.Now your muted and cant communicate with your friends but your stream is going still.Can your buddies use that stream as a rp gopro and use that to know where everyone is.Or would the discord stream fall under the same rules as the twitch streams where people watching it cant use that info ic. Now this is just me asking the question because i never thought about it in that way so dont flame me to hard community lol

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No - there is no such thing as "go-pros" in game.
You treat it as a regular stream and you do not use the information you see in character.

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