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Keep Getting Kicked Before I Can Find A Way To Die

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You will have to wait for the cooldown of 6 hours to dissappear before you can change your active character. 

That is the only way you can log in and play your desired character. 


You don't need to kill your character, unless you got the incorrect face. 

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Still no luck, I waited the 6 hours, swapped characters, logged back in and I was still on the old character and instantly got kicked haha. Been a struggle, trying to some some quality RP in on Halloween! I have two profiles on the actual dayz game, one is TheRealOutlaw (default) and the other one is Chase Williams. I swap over to Chase Williams, click change server, find the server and connect and it defaults me to TheRealOutlaw profile, even though I clicked Chase Williams.

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Are you using the DayZ launcher? 

Have you correctly saved the parameters for profile name? 


Follow the steps in this guide 

If all else fails, hop on Discord the find out more about this pesky problem. 

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