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Hector notes and thoughts

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*Hector sits in a room with his new friend that may have seen the killer leave the hospital where Rin was killed*. *Hector once again pulls the book out and starts to write*

"As I sit here waiting for morning to continue my search for Rin's killer, the man is falling that is helping me find her. I agreed to let him go once we find this person that has burned a hole in my soul of death of someone that meant so much to me. I sit here and write how I will react to tis person when I find them or will I give them the chance to explain....blood is what I want but, Violet's words keep buzzing through my head, "you don't have to do this anymore...what would your daughter think?" Rin was the only one I ever told about my daughter until I met Violet....

*Hector stops and put the pen down for moment to give himself a morphine to relax a bit*

"If tommorow I find what I'm looking for... Than I pray that I can hold back long enough to at least find out why and if it was any reason why and wasn't for nothing". Hopefully this killer can give me something before I spill more blood.


Radio Yevak and give him my location

Get my new friend a change of clothes, cause he smells

Find a clinic for some drugs 

Clean Chuy before we move out tomorrow

*Hector sits and stares into the dark and waits for morning*

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