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Server time (UTC): 2021-11-27 09:01

S1: 4.4 Rule Break in Novaya Petrovka - 30/10/19 0400/0500

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Server and location:  DAYZRP Chernarus Server  1 - Novaya Petrovka

Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME):  30/10/19 0400/0500

Your in game name:  Harry Taylor

Names of allies involved:  Chase Blackson

Name of suspect/s:  Unknown

Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any):  N/A

Additional evidence? (video/screenshot):  https://drive.google.com/file/d/12fAsEO65iZ4COmpOIc6X08-EQuHiYFTk/view

Detailed description of the events:  Me and chase were in Novaya Petrovka looting with glow sticks on us to show our location and not to seem hostile at all, while looting we met a person who was just  curious to see what we were doing there & asked for some food which I gave him then just headed on his way, and we carried on looting. roughly 5 minutes after we were still looting again with no hostile actions of the sort and came out of a building we'd looted and got told to put our hands up from there we complied straight away as our characters aren't hostile and don't want any trouble. From here we then got told to just wait a minute while he decides what to do even though his intentions were pretty clear that he was robbing us for my guns and nothing else. We then listen and comply with him to head off into the distance and come back in 2-3 mins we did this and on arrival my Winchester and AK had been taken.


edit: Forgot to note that due to hardware/software issues my voice didn’t record via shadowplay.

Edited by Harry Taylor
Audio issue noted
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03:50:17 | Player "Harry Taylor" (pos=<3423.2, 12831.7, 198.4>)
03:55:17 | Player "Harry Taylor" (pos=<3450.9, 12753.8, 201.0>)
04:00:17 | Player "Harry Taylor" (pos=<3453.2, 12812.5, 199.1>)
04:05:17 | Player "Harry Taylor" (pos=<3250.7, 13163.3, 202.1>)
04:10:18 | Player "Harry Taylor" (pos=<3261.7, 13144, 202.1>)
04:15:18 | Player "Harry Taylor" (pos=<3478.6, 13892.4, 231.5>)
04:20:19 | Player "Harry Taylor" (pos=<4263.7, 14210.7, 239.9>)
04:25:19 | Player "Harry Taylor" (pos=<4299.9, 14158.1, 235.5>)
04:30:19 | Player "Harry Taylor" (pos=<4299.9, 14158.1, 235.5>)

03:50:17 | Player "Chase Blackson" (pos=<3438.7, 12804.9, 199.2>)
03:55:17 | Player "Chase Blackson" (pos=<3444.1, 12736.6, 201.7>)
04:00:17 | Player "Chase Blackson" (pos=<3453.0, 12815.4, 199.0>)
04:05:17 | Player "Chase Blackson" (pos=<3252.2, 13163.8, 202.1>)
04:10:18 | Player "Chase Blackson" (pos=<3261.9, 13147.8, 202.1>)
04:15:18 | Player "Chase Blackson" (pos=<3480.5, 13889.8, 231.6>)
04:20:19 | Player "Chase Blackson" (pos=<4261.9, 14208, 239.5>)
04:25:19 | Player "Chase Blackson" (pos=<4296.9, 14160.1, 235.5>)
04:30:19 | Player "Chase Blackson" (pos=<4296.9, 14160.1, 235.5>)

04:10:18 | Player "Lewis Kane" (pos=<3179.5, 13949.8, 249.0>) 
04:15:18 | Player "Lewis Kane" (pos=<3827.6, 13444.1, 207.3>) 
04:20:19 | Player "Lewis Kane" (pos=<3881.2, 12473.8, 230.5>) 
04:25:19 | Player "Lewis Kane" (pos=<4339.2, 11970.5, 277.6>) 
04:30:19 | Player "Lewis Kane" (pos=<5452.2, 11844.3, 226.2>)

03:50:17 | Player "James North" (pos=<3804.1, 12608.5, 218.7>)
03:55:17 | Player "James North" (pos=<3446.5, 12749.9, 201.3>)
04:00:17 | Player "James North" (pos=<3434.9, 12750.4, 201.3>)
04:05:17 | Player "James North" (pos=<3643.3, 12527.4, 220.1>)
04:10:18 | Player "James North" (pos=<3090.1, 12413.3, 214.4>)
04:15:18 | Player "James North" (pos=<2835.7, 12410.5, 215.6>)



04:09:35 | Player "Lewis Kane" is connected
04:37:52 | Player "Lewis Kane" has been disconnected

02:24:22 | Player "Harry Taylor" is connected
04:34:26 | Player "Harry Taylor" has been disconnected

00:00:34 | Player "Chase Blackson" is connected
04:34:17 | Player "Chase Blackson" has been disconnected

03:37:32 | Player "James North" is connected
04:37:05 | Player "James North" has been disconnected

Calling in the following individuals for their POV and any un-edited video evidence they may have

 @Harry Taylor - Harry Taylor - OP
 @C__H_A_S__E - Chase Blackson - Posted
 @Jamen - Lewis Kane - Posted

@James North - James North - 

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POV: Chase and Harry decided to go into Novaya Petrovka because Chase was looking for a flat cap and we have been trying to find/trade to get Harry a fishing rod for days. Finally after finding the cap Chase wanted, we go around the little bus stop area and then we meet a guy(don't remember name) seemed cool. He said he needed food. Me and Harry had killed a hog a few days prior and had plenty of extra. After our encounter with that gentleman we begin looting the last few house and we come out of one house and hear a guy yelling let me see your hand! me and harry comply of course we never want trouble. We follow his demands by going against the wall/doorway. He then tells us to drop all of our weapons we then do so and he then I guess tries to decide what he wants to do with us and what he wants to take. Then he tells us to run in the direction he is looking(North) and we begin to, then we get caught by a few infected and begin killing them, then he comes up again screaming threating to kill us if we don't keep moving. So after killing the infected we do. We then wait a couple of minutes then go back to find the hunting rifle and extra Ak Harry had were taken. 

Non POV:The whole  time in Novaya we did not do anything hostile we had glow sticks on the whole time not posing a threat to anyone or anything(except infected of course lol) He provided no RP at all except robbing us for our gear. 

Taken from Rule 4.4- 

Hostile situations must focus on the role play experience of both attackers and victims. Both sides should actively participate and contribute to role play in all situations, any disputes or issues can be discussed and resolved afterwards.

As an attacker you may NOT:

Attack other players just for the sake of gear by doing a quick robbery that involves little to no role play.

No additional video evidence


Edited by C__H_A_S__E
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As @Jamen has been on the forums and in game since being called into this report he will be temp banned until he provides his full, detailed POV and any un-edited video evidence that he has.

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POV: Woke up in the forest (was out deep in the North West looking for helicopter crash sites). Was running back to base but got tired so fell asleep at Grishino. Never saw anyone involved. 

Non-POV: I have literally never met these people before. I don’t really know what else to say... I never ran into anyone involved. I’m happy to get in discord and clarify any concerns if there are any. (looks like it wasn’t just you two who were in the wrong place at the wrong time ? )

Non-POV: looking at the location of where I was compared to them you can see I was in the forest north of their location when they were getting robbed.

Screen Shot 2019-11-01 at 1.51.34 AM.png

My location: 04:10:18 | Player "Lewis Kane" (pos=<3179.5, 13949.8, 249.0>);

Chase Blackson’s location: 04:10:18 | Player "Chase Blackson" (pos=<3261.9, 13147.8, 202.1>);

Harry Taylor’s location: 04:10:18 | Player "Harry Taylor" (pos=<3261.7, 13144, 202.1>) 

Edited by Jamen
reformatted & added info about location
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Calling in @James North for his POV and any video evidence he may have.

04:00:17 | Player "James North" (pos=<3434.9, 12750.4, 201.3>)

03:37:32 | Player "James North" is connected
04:37:05 | Player "James North" has been disconnected

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@Jamen Your temp ban has been lifted. Thank you for your co-operation.

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@James North has been temp banned until he responds to this report

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Seeing that @James North has not replied to this report and has now been temp banned for 24 hours, we will be closing the report.

@James North, if you wish to be unbanned from our servers, you must file a properly formatted appeal that provides your FULL and DETAILED point of view, as well as any video evidence you may have.

@Harry Taylor, we apologize for the inconvenience.

/Report closed.

Signed by @Peril , @Fae & @Hofer

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