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Killing of a cooperative hostage - Cherno S1 - 11:20 PM - 10/30/19


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Server 1

Location: Vybor (Sanctuary base)

10/30/19 -- About... 11:20-11:25 PM EST

IG Name: Olivia Watson

Allies: None

Suspects: Members of Black Roses

Vehicles: None



After being held up, my game crashing and having to wait in a queue, I was led to an alley where I was interrogated. I was asked permission for torture/scarring, in which I gave perms for 'in-extensive,' torture. I was then whipped across the back with a knife twice, leaving two bleed stacks on me. I typed OOC that I was then dying from blood loss. He then told me he was going to knock me out and leave a piece of paper as a message to my 'leader.' I then asked, again, in OOC why he was killing me when I was cooperative the entire way through and there was no reason whatsoever to actually kill me. I then apologized for being in OOC.


Edit: Forgot to mention that when I had first logged on today, there WAS a massive firefight in said base and I had heard IC'ly that there was some form of hostage deal going on. I stayed well away from the base until everything died down.



Edit 2: Talked to Perpetrator - Everything is cleared up. pls remove report

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03:24:48 | Player "Olivia Watson" (DEAD) (pos=<3765.4, 8878.4, 311.0>) died.
03:24:48 | Player "Olivia Watson" (DEAD) (pos=<3765.4, 8878.4, 311.0>) died.



03:23:25 | Player "Olivia Watson" (pos=<3765.4, 8878.5, 311.0>) hit by Player "Alan Dundee" (pos=<3764.9, 8877.6, 311.0>) with Hunting Knife
03:23:29 | Player "Olivia Watson" (pos=<3765.4, 8878.5, 311.0>) hit by Player "Alan Dundee" (pos=<3765, 8877.6, 311.0>) with Hunting Knife



23:09:56 | Player "Olivia Watson" is connected
02:56:47 | Player "Olivia Watson" has been disconnected
03:12:07 | Player "Olivia Watson" is connected
03:33:18 | Player "Olivia Watson" has been disconnected

03:00:07 | Player "Alan Dundee" is connected
03:43:16 | Player "Alan Dundee" has been disconnected



03:21:28 | Chat("Olivia Watson"): // I'd really prefer you didn't. This is a fresh character that I may or may not throw away.
03:22:13 | Chat("Olivia Watson"): // For what reason? Not to keep going OOC, but I don't see a point in any of this rn.
03:23:15 | Chat("Olivia Watson"): // Feel free to do any in-extensive torture. I need to head off soon. Switching to text chat as well.
03:23:42 | Chat("Olivia Watson"): *Lets out a short, swift gasp of pain as the knife is brought across her back.*
03:24:01 | Chat("Olivia Watson"): "A-alright... Y-y-yes..."
03:24:22 | Chat("Olivia Watson"): (I'm bleeding out)
03:24:34 | Chat("Olivia Watson"): // You're killing a willing/cooperative hostage lol

03:21:05 | Chat("Alan Dundee"): //perms to scar on back?
03:21:42 | Chat("Alan Dundee"): //ok, perms to do any troture?
03:21:57 | Chat("Alan Dundee"): //of your choosing
03:22:34 | Chat("Alan Dundee"): //i just said why ic
03:22:46 | Chat("Alan Dundee"): //to teach a lesson IC
03:24:33 | Chat("Alan Dundee"): *knocks her out cold in back of head with rifle buttstock*
03:24:52 | Chat("Alan Dundee"): //not killing

Calling in the following individuals for their POV and any un-edited video evidence they may have.

 @Ghosst - Olivia Watson - OP
 @Nick Plasse - Alan Dundee - 

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Didn't notice the message about closure before pulling logs.

We are glad you managed to sort this out between yourselves in a peaceful manner. We will honour your request to close the thread.

However in the future always strive to contact the other person before posting a report if you only want to figure out what happened. You can then after talking to the other party decide whether or not you'd like to pursue a report.

With that said we will now close the report.


Signed @Hofer & @Rover

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