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Server time (UTC): 2021-11-27 08:04

Exploited Base Raid

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Server and location: Deerile, 7146.00 / 4460.36

Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME):  Between 1:20 and 4:50 PST

Your in game name: Zach Fisher

Names of allies involved: NA

Name of suspect/s: Unknown

Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): Possible Sedan, pulled in to base then pulled away when I made myself present

Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Included

Detailed description of the events: I logged off to take care of personal work and then when I logged in I found my base to be ransacked, from the appearance the base had not been broken into, but upon further examination the base was raided by using exploiting means of stacking hesco barriers agents the outside then to climb said barriers into a small hole, I contacted admins and Fae helped my in removing the unbreak downable heaco barrier, she then was able to climb out the same way they came in only to confirm my suspicion, they made out with 1 SVD, 2 M4A1's, a couple Ak74 and akm variants, and hundreds of rounds of 5.56 7.62, and other special ammo types. I was told to report the incident and include these screenshot Fae took for me. Thank you.


exploiting to raid 2.png

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Connection Logs

21:09:42 | Player "Alec Douglas" is connected
22:08:51 | Player "Alec Douglas" has been disconnected
22:10:49 | Player "Alec Douglas" is connected
23:11:27 | Player "Alec Douglas" has been disconnected


Building Logs

21:51:16 | Player "Alec Douglas" (pos=<7165.9, 4451.8, 26.5> placed HESCO Kit (5) 

21:57:48 | Player "Alec Douglas" (pos=<7163.7, 4454.1, 26.9>) destroyed combination lock with Hacksaw



Calling in the below player for their POV and any video evidence they may have.


@SimpleZach - Zach Fisher - OP

@SunkenBiscuits - Alec Douglas - POSTED

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Hey Zach, I apologize for the inconvenience here, unfortunatley the hesco is not how we entered the base, we hacksawed the lock. I'll give you a full transcript of the event as thoroughly as i can.  

I, and some members of my group, Ben Hawk, Ajax, and Ryan Beck we're driving around with a hostage in our car. As we drove we saw watchtowers built on a location we haven't seen before. We drove in quickly and went building to building asking if anyone was home. I saw the white barn on the left and said we should break into that one with a hacksaw, when one of the members (not sure who) said that we should go for the brown one, because that's where he put loot. I believe I only had one hacksaw on me at the time so we wanted to see which building had the loot. I had never had much experience with hesco kits, seeing as i dont really use them. I meant to place it on the ground so i could stand on it and look into the barn possibly and see which one was worth raiding. On my screen the placement 'hotspot' was on the ground, but when i finished throwing it down it was higher. I believe we had a shovel with us, i cant remember 100%, but we tried to use various tools on the hesco kit to remove it and couldnt figure it out. But after all those events, we just used a hacksaw to get into the base. The next day we came back to see if we could remove it to avoid this situation, because we were concerned you might think we purposefully griefed your base, do find you already removed it or it was removed somehow. And then, on that second visit i do believe it was you that showed up and had a firefight with my group members.

i apologize if I forgot any further details, if more information is needed please ask.

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@SunkenBiscuits - Abuse of Game Mechanics - NOT GUILTY


After having tested placement of HESCO barriers in game it is indeed possible to make this happen even though the placement marker is on the ground. This is a classic case of something just being DayZ.

In the future @SunkenBiscuits be a bit more careful about placement of HESCO barriers and put them a bit further away from the wall if you are going to use them to look inside to avoid this.

With that said.


@SunkenBiscuits - Abuse of Game Mechanics - NO PUNISHMENT

Signed @Hofer & @Peril

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