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Arvo Chernov's Diary

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[A bloody thumbprint can be seen on the corners of the pages, scrawled writing accompanying the text.]

My god. The blood is everywhere. I... Jesus Christ. I killed him...

I've never killed anyone before. Don't know if it was the right thing to do because it felt so WRONG. He just looked at me scared, the same expression frozen onto his face after I took the mask off his body. Dear god, please forgive me... Please forgive me for what I've done...

I saved him from being eaten alive by zombies in that godforsaken town, made sure he didn't die from starvation and... god... 


He had the opportunity to kill me too, without a single word. But he didn't and... I ended up being the monster. All along I was so scared of someone befriending then killing me and... now how am I any better than the rest of those anarchists and thieves? God, I look at the dried blood on my hands and all I can think of is WHY! After he asked me for a vial of my blood, he then admitted he was with a group that has been going around forcing people to give up their lifeblood. As I stared down the sights of the rifle so many things raced through my head. What will happen if I let him go and turn around. I... I just was so scared. So afraid... and I took the shot.

As the sun comes up I think about just ditching this in the road. Letting some poor bastard hear my cry for salvation. 

May god have mercy on my soul.

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