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What qualifies as an initiation now?


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  • Sapphire

After a discussion in Discord I would like to raise a question. What qualifies as an initiation now? At one point Roland himself stated that it’s only an initiation if you state there is a consequence if you don’t do an action. Now I am being told differently. 

If someone were being followed and they turned around, pulled out a weapon, and told them to stop following them is this an initiation? Would it be different if they pointed a weapon? This situation doesn’t give a consequence. 

obviously if they said “stop following me or I will kill you” would be a different situation. 

If this does qualify as an initiation can we please stop changing it every other year because it confuses me and I’m sure it confuses others. 

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  • Legend

Aiming a weapon which shows hostile intent and giving a demand is an initiation. 

In the example you have put if you are being followed and you turn and aim the weapon at them you are threatening their life. Where the difference comes in is whether you are doing it to rob/take hostage someone or if it was used as apart of hostile RP.

If this is done through hostile RP with you telling them to stop following and pull out a gun and they decide to shoot you that can be classed as baiting. 

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