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Joseph Jovanovic’s Diary

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Entry 275

Today my world collapsed. After walking and walking, I made it back to Nagornoe. Even after being away for so many years, nothing in my home town seemed to change much. I called and plead for anyone to answer me back but to no avail. Not a soul in town, my heart sank as I realized there’s nobody left here. In one last ditch effort I searched the house of my grandmother where I stayed before everything went to hell. Nothing. I gathered some belongings of mine and left.

As I was leaving town I heard what seemed to be moaning. When I turned the corner I saw seven of those infected, I’ve killed many infected that have threatened me on my journeys but this time it was different. I knew who these people used to be, they were old childhood friends. It puts my mind at ease knowing I put them to rest finally, but, I think this experience changed me.


Entry 276

Another day of travelling done, I arrived in Severograd late this afternoon. I like to think it’s comforting, Seeing all the places I used to visit as a child. Even my old elementary school was a sight for sore eyes.

As I was walking I met this strange timid man who ran away from me at first. He told me I looked like the guy who just brained someone with a shovel behind the school and begged me not to kill him. I reassured him I wasn’t going to kill him and I didn’t even know what he was talking about! Then he asked for my gun. When I refused, he took off farther into town. My curiosity picked up and I went to look behind the school. Alas there was nothing, sort of a relief if I’m honest. Although I wonder what that timid man’s true ambition was. Probably would’ve blown my head off if I gave him the chance, so I’m glad he took off. I’ll sleep here tonight and move out first thing in the morning. I’ve caught word of a trading outpost in a town called Grishino. Hopefully I’ll find some answers there.



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