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Bo Devlin's Journal and inner thoughts

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Bo is a former High School Teacher and wrestling coach. He is also a recovering alcoholic. He was drunk and killed his family in a car accident and was sentenced to 5 years in prison for manslaughter. He was released and decided to take up work in Chernarus to escape Ireland and the sadness that held a tight grip on him from his family's death. He spent 3 years working in various factories and construction sites in Chernaurs but never seemed to escape the overwhelming sadness from his guilt. When the infection started, he retreated to the mountains and has been there since. Today, he's decided to descend from the mountains and find out just what and who is still alive. 


Day 1

Came down from the mountain. Town was full of infected. Managed to escape and find shelter for the night. Haven't seen a living person yet. Heard plenty of gunshots. Found some weapons and provisions. Gonna move on to Porobo in the morning. Hope to find survivors and a place to set up camp. Sara would have loved this country. The boys too. Why am I still alive and they are gone? Maybe this new world is my own personal hell. Maybe I am the one that died. 

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