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Hector notes and thoughts

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*Hector shakes as he pulls his book from his bag. He clicks his pen and begins to write*

" What I have just found, is something that I thought I would never have to do. I Left Grishino, and started thinking about Rin after talking to Neo about tell her to stay away from a certain area. I figured since I hadn't talk to her in a couple of days I would look and make sure she was least safe."

"Though out the day I traveled and sreaching areas that Rin and had been and stayed. City to city, town to town I looked and found no sign of her. I finally made to Severograd. I was tried and starting to come down from my high I had....I figured I would go to the hospital and find a fix. What I found is something no one should have to find."

*A long deep breath and pause is taken by Hector*

As I reached the hospital, I entered from the front and I could here the sound of the dead moving around upstairs. The dead had gathered in front of a door at the end of the hall. I pull Chuy and with his suppress shots we kill the dead blocking our path of the door. I reached the door but it's locked.....Chuy shoots the lock and I kick the door in....than.....I fall to my knees and drop Chuy.....It's Rin!!!! I craw over to her through the blood and brag and pull her into my arms. I scream WTF...WTF....nononono...what the fuck happened?..... Rin appears to have taken a shot to the head.....*Hector whispers why....why...why...I shouldn't have left you....Hector picks up Rin and carrys her downstairs and walks her on the hill and finds a spot to lay her to rest. 

*A few hours have pasted and after digging a grave for someone that Hector knew loved him, he gives her one final kiss goodbye and promises her he will find out what happened. Dirty and soaked from the rain after burrying Rin....Hector walks back to get Chuy and noticed a few things.... someone else's foot prints in her blood....and one of Runs teeth...Hector knew Because of her teeth were sharpened.*

"Today im not sure what happened, but I tend to find out..no one touches my family and lives to see the days through."

*Hector becomes angry and Rages out by unloading everything Chuy has....Hector runs into the and is on a new mission to find Rin's killer.*

"Nunca olvidaría y siempre recordaré lo que has hecho por mí."

Translation- i would never forget and always remember what you have done for me..



Find Rin's killer!!!!!!!!!!


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