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Bring back the Guitar


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''Bring back the Guitar''


A campfire, a cold pint and some music. Who doesn't like that? Dayz, as of now, does not have a  guitar. Most players have been around to look for creative alternatives for it. I have seen people use logs, axes, shovels and even frying pans to reassemble guitars. A while back a miracle happened. The DayzRP Mod introduced an actual guitar model! Based of the in game axe.... This obviously came with problems, since players could use the guitar to do certain things... Although I liked the idea of someone chopping another's head of with a guitar, I still have nightmares of the sight of people chopping trees with guitars. Due to these obvious reasons the guitar was removed from the mod and was said to return in the future.

Now here we are still not having a guitar again. This is why I am made this suggestion to bring a guitar back into the mod. Hopefully there is a developer around who has interest in taking it into consideration. In the meanwhile I would like to hear more thoughts on the subject.


Are you missing your guitar?
Have you found other extraordinary items to reassemble the guitar?
Or do you also have nightmares of the guitar-chopping phenomenon?
Let me know!


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Guitar was not removed because it was able to chop down trees.

However I do agree with the sentiment, IIRC I believe @JimRP made a new guitar model? It just never got put into the actual game, maybe that's something he can fix?

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Could we add a Banjo too? Maybe a Cello as well? I'd love to see the guitar return. It would make campfire moments all the more memorable. 

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I remember breaking into a base with a guitar


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-1 it could cut trees.

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