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Server time (UTC): 2021-12-08 22:47

S1 Altar radio station - 4.8


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Server and location: altar radio station

Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): between 9pm 29th -6am 30th gmt

Your in game name: david abrahams

Names of allies involved: none

Name of suspect/s: unknown

Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): no

Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): no

Detailed description of the events

A friend of our group (report will be updated to include userame) arrived at our base to find the door open and lock missing. No problem there, we expect to be raided.

However once on the roof, it was clear someones has been in and emptied items onto the floor from the 3 tents man made tents that were there. Stuff is piled up as if just emptied from somones inventory. The 3 tents were then damaged or stolen as they has despawned or been taken

We expect to be raided as any base, but we do t appriciate the roleplay items we store there to be emptied out to despawn.




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05:33:40 | Player "Ryan Dudley" (pos=<8084.0, 9312.7, 459.2>) destroyed combination lock with Hacksaw
05:36:35 | Player "Ryan Dudley" (pos=<8069.4, 9318.8, 459.2>) placed Waterbarrel Kit
05:39:39 | Player "Ryan Dudley" (pos=<8069.8, 9317.9, 459.2>) placed Waterbarrel Kit
05:44:29 | Player "Astrid Runolfdottir" (pos=<8071.3, 9315.2, 459.2>) destroyed combination lock with Hacksaw



05:42:49 | Player "Astrid Runolfdottir" (pos=<8071.3, 9315.2, 459.2>) 
05:42:49 | Player "Ryan Dudley" (pos=<8071.3, 9319.0, 459.2>) 

Calling in the following individuals for their POV and any un-edited video evidence they may have

 @andysuter - David Abrahams - OP
 @Laelia - Astrid Runolfdottir - POSTED
 @Ophelia005 - Ryan Dudley -  POSTED

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Me and Ryan Deadly broke into the compound, firstly Ryan Deadly broke the first lock with a hacksaw while I was hidden away, then I went inside and broke the SECOND lock that protected the ladder and thus all tents.

The only reason we took the tents was because we needed them as storage and we, firstly were not aware of the fact that we had to move things out of the tents to other tents, AND I believe there would not have been enough space in other tents combined, and we did not have the inventory space needed either way. I also would like to point out that moving items from the tents to others that we are not going to take is kind of an annoyance to us as most raids are considered flash raids, meaning that we do not want to stick around for too long, moving said items we dropped would take us both time, effort, and a high amount of danger.

I would also like to say sorry, we rearranged your tents and were not aware of that rule.

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@Ophelia005 please post your full POV.

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hey its Ryan Dudley here i just wanted to say hi, me and laelia had decided to break into the radio station because we saw and needed the tents, when we entered we began looting food and meds which filled up my inventory fully plus i was not aware of the rule you needed to put gear away due to it taking longer and all we left on the ground was a shirt a pair of pants and lots and lots of pumpkin slices which they have two more tents worth of as well as 6 planters full of pumpkin im sorry now i know the rule and will follow not grieving due to the fact we had no space or time to move stuff 

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Just want to reply to a certain argument here. There were plenty of other storage containers around the station which you could have put the stuff in. If you are raiding a place to steal tents, you just need to keep in mind that you probably need take the time to move stuff around, instead of just leaving it all on the ground. A side note to this is that we are talking about improvised tents that you can just craft with burlap sacks and sticks, which were all over the place. 

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@Ophelia005 & @Laelia arrive at altar radio station home of @andysuter and his allies Redwood Radio, they decide they wish to raid the camp and begin to cut away the 1st lock, that is attached to the primary gate of the building, after cutting away the 1st lock they discover a 2nd lock attached to a gate stopping them from gaining access to the roof, where all the tents are located, they then proceed to cut the 2nd lock of the gate and gain access to the roof, where they began to raid the camp emptying a lot of the contents within the tents on to the floor to take the tents, after this they proceeded out of the area with all the loot they could carry and tents.

@Ophelia005 & @Laelia:

  • When you finally gained access to the roof and to the tents you decided that you would empty the contents on the tents onto the floor, with no apparent ic reasoning other than you wanted the tents, this is griefing.




@Ophelia005 & @Laelia

  • When raiding a camp be sure to place all items that you have emptied out of storage containers back into one.

@Ophelia005 - Griefing - 3 day ban, 10 warning points.
@Laelia - Griefing - 3 day ban, 10 warning points.

Reason for lowered punishment from 7 days to 3 days:

  • Due to their being not a massive amount of substantial items being discarded.

Signed @Realize @Rover

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