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Hector notes and thoughts

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*Hector pulls his books out before bed and pulls the pen from the spin and begins to write.*

"Today has been an adventure. Someone close to me was persuasive enough to get me to talk about daughter I lost..I have said her name in almost a year. It almost made me fold at that moment, but I would never let her see it. We made our way to the coast to deliver a gift for a friend and on of way back... something happened!!! The sound of bombs rained down and attracted every zombie with in a mile radius and alomst made it almost unable for us to get out. At one point we had two hordes coming for us at both sides, but when she pulled her fire arm and started dropping the dead....Damn, that was the most alive I have felt in years. But when she screamed I'm out I have to reload and we started running....I felt something I haven't in a while.....I was honestly afraid to lose this beautiful creature that has been enticing me to forget about what I have lost in the past and move on what I have infront of me. My life is a shit and I know how to survive in a world where death, fear, drugs and power control your fate....but she scares me, Because I have never thought about anything more than the day as it comes. 

sin propósito y sin razón, ¿por qué es tu existencia para querer más? Haces que valga la pena todo, incluso cuando siento que lo he perdido todo. Lo hago por ti amor.

Translation- without purpose and without reason, what is your existence for wanting more. You make it worth everything, even when i feel like i have lost everything. i do it for you love.



Find a clean pair of socks

Still looking for Vodka for Yavek

Find more batteries

Kill that [email protected]#ken rat when I see him

Check on my dead drop tomorrow

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