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Ryan Dudley's Journal

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October 29th, 2019.

The air is only getting colder as winter approaches i have been stocking up on food to hunker down for the winter. It has been a few weeks since i have written in my Journal, honestly life has been hell recently in our small trading post we call home all we wish is to supply people with the propper means to survive and give people a little taste of hospitality allowing them to live in our little town of Grishino all we wish to do is help people survive the long cold Cherno russian winter but large groups keep pushing us around in order to feel good about them self's but we don't let them put us down we keep fighting and scavenging in order to help out the less fortunate people. I have made a new friend named Murphy we have officially boarded up a house in order to  stock up for winter he is a great guy it was a strang way we met it all happened on the NW Airfield we had bumped into one another and got to talking, little did we know life was about to go to shit as we were talking a large group of about 15 anarchy members ran up shooting Murphy with no warning i was stunned my ptsd kicking in it felt as if i was back on those sandy desert streets of Afganistan being attacked by Terrorists. Murphy was shot three times in the torso luckily by a 5.56x45NATO causing minimal internal damage due to the speed and of the round all three exited out the rear where he clasped  down leading me to believe he was dead i had gotten captured and tortured by anarchy only to be released left with nothing but my cloths beaten half to death. A day had passed only for me to be back in Grishino to see a man limping covered in blood i couldn't believe my eyes the random man i had met on the airfield some how survived getting shot and walked over a kilometer half dead where i quickly performed surgery on him sowing and cleaning his wounds and over the course of a few days i made a new friend -signed Ryan Dudley   

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