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Deaf RP and AOGM

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I am writing this as a question regarding an experience I had yesterday involving a fellow who claimed he was deaf while being held up by me. As I was emoting to gesture his hands up, he proceeded to take his gun out and shoot me, as I was emoting. 

It felt more than unfair in my opinion that this person said they were deaf, in order to get me to emote so I would be unable to properly defend myself when he pulled his gun and shot me. 

But my feelings aside, is this allowed, and if not, even prove-able? This entire ordeal really ticked me off, and an answer / explanation would put me to rest easier. Thank you!


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Personal opinion is that this is abuse of game mechanics. The deaf player knows that you are typing while emoting to communicate and uses the limitations of the game to create an advantage for himself.

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