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To Mr. Russo


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*Ashven takes a long drag on a home rolled cigarette, he coughs a little before holding down the PTT*

"Mr. Russo, I have been asked by my commander to find you, preferably alive, so we can give you a proper trial. I want to make my life easier so I'm asking you to just turn yourself in. I already have confirmation that you've been seen traveling with the Black Roses"

*Ashven releases the PTT and takes a drag again, letting the information sink in*

"If you don't want to turn yourself in, I'll be forced to take more drastic measures. I hope you can make this easy on both of us Mr. Russo" 

*Ashven releases the PTT, and pokes the fire with a stick*

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*The big Tallaght head, Anto, takes his radio, tired of hearing these people bickering about getting eachother, and holds down the PTT*

Ah here listen buddy, whats the fucken story like? Yiz are a pack of fools sayin this bollox over the radio. Russo was sayin the same shite

Honestly the pair of yiz need to just have a straightener, no use for this radio shite. Anyways you should just nick the bastard instead of announcing your gonna do it cos hes gonna be hiding or some shit now. Betcha any money.

Anyways if ye have a spare joint or something let me know, seems to be a whopper drought around or something.

*Releases the PTT and passes a smoke to Darius*

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"Sir, I'm sorry but I haven't had the pleasure of meeting you, however if you want a hand rolled I'm happy to share. Unfortunately regarding the situation with Mr. Russo a scrap won't bring back the lives he took from us. As much as I'd like to just trade blows and share a beer, I have my orders."  

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*Bobby picks up the radio*

"You chernorussian fucks will not be giving Mr. Russo a trial."

"Mr. Bobby Kalo insists if you wish to live in your country the rest of your life, then you reconsider."

"If not, I'll send the Roses to do a clean up."

*Bobby hangs up*

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"You send your roses, you overly aggressive asshole. Make sure to have Riley come along. Me and the boys will give her a special treatment since she's so familiar with Russo." 


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  • Emerald

*Vlad holds down his PTT*

"Ah yes, typical Chernarussian threatening to give a female child 'special treatment'.
Everyone listening can add paedophile rapists to their list of words to describe the local police.
Wish I was in the mood to waste my time exterminating these troglodytes."

*Vlad releases his PTT*

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*Bobby picks up the radio*

"My Roses will do your people a favor and spread your ashes around your homeland for you."

"See you soon."

*Bobby hangs up*

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  • Sapphire

:: An annoyed Chernarussian mans voice comes over the frequency ::

"Does someone want to explain to me what the deal is with this so-called Police force? I've been holding myself back from asking but I've heard many contradicting and asinine things lately."

"Heard that you want to help restore and protect the region and the people, yet you make xenophobic broadcasts and threaten peaceful people. Then you start conflict with not-so-peaceful people that possess similar enemies. And now you're threatening a young girl like some pervert because your commander told you to get some guy. You people act like the same 'terrorists' and 'bandits' you keep raving about."

"What retard allowed you to open your mouth on the radio and make a fool of yourself in this way? I'd honestly like to meet the 'police commander' who allows pedophiles in his employ."

"Forgive me if I don't believe your kind intentions to this Russo fellow- I don't really give a damn. However, if I'm not mistaken you sound like the same angry idiot who was ranting on the radio about how you were going to 'double tap' him just a few days ago." 

:: There is a brief pause as two men talking and the clinking of glass can be heard in the background ::

"For all I know you are a bunch of corrupt bureaucrats in uniform trying to stake your own claim here. Maybe if you want people to support you and believe you're actually here to do something good, then don't act like every other asshole out there."

"Do something productive huh? Maybe find the strange men taking blood samples and looking for 'fertile women'. Unless that is you as well?"

"Home-brewed vodka for anyone who does something actually worth a damn."

:: The men in the background can be heard talking about moving something before the transmission ends ::

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  • Emerald

*Presses the PTT*

This is like the two nerds at school having a scrap

Roses never do shit and Bobby Kalo is a complete pushover

and the Chernarussians can barely wield their service rifles

Ya'll are a bunch of Pussies deadass

*Releases PTT*

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  • Emerald

*Kenneth sits in his dumpster listening to the conversation over the radio. He holds down his PTT*

This is fucking comedic gold right here my dudes. On one side we have the most unconcistant police force around. And on the other one the biggest loser in the country, Bobby Kalo. Tell me Bobby, when have you and the "roses" acctually done anything exept getting your ass kicked and talking big over the radio? Exept having a stupid name i guess.

*Kenneth passes out in the dumpster*

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  • Titanium

Noah Picks up his Radio

You guys really must be God Damn Retarded huh.

So after all that I have done to you people.

After all the kills

After all the robberies

after all the beatings.

You have now threatened me once more and dragged the wrong people into it

Come after the Roses, you Die

Come after Riley, You die

Come after me, 

Long Pause 

You die.

There is no situation here in which you come out on top. I never heard of the police force winning anything. I only ever hear of your failures and how you guys have your own sickening Sex Cult. There is no more do this to survive for you guys anymore. You have sealed your own caskets. Bobby Said he would do you the favor of spreading your ashes around the country. Im going to drown every single one of you. Do it World War Two Style, Tie you ankle to ankle and then shoot one of you and watch the other one fall down and drown with the dead body in the sea off of cherno. I will be seeing you special needs children shortly

Also no secret that I was with roses after the last radio message.

Viva La Roses Retards.

Noah Would put down his Radio

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