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This is your Story!


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Hello fellow community members, master of the lore and fellow community member Craig here. I've been doing some thinking recently about what we and myself as a Loremaster should be doing for you the community, and what is the best way to go about it. Now sure we can do fun events for you, as my fellow master of the Lore @StagsviewRB has been doing, along side some of our fellow staff members. @Major has been doing fantastic work for what seems like forever now, posting stories about whats been happening around the world on top of other things that he has contributed. With that being said, this idea that I have come up with was inspired by the work Major has done. I want to help you tell your story! Your characters story and/or your groups story.

The Idea

So what do I mean by this, well I'll tell you. You are the community, and your Roleplay matters. The lore is written for you and so it becomes yours, and what you do in game adds onto that. The storylines you create in game by all means are fun, but also important. It means something to all of you but its not documented. Fantastic stories that slowly fade away after they are done, becoming nothing but an old memory. A fun but often sad nostalgic conversation you have with a friend. I have them and you have them, and I think its about time that we build upon the lore that we have by including the stories that you have created in game, not just the stories that we the Loremasters try to bring to you or the factions or whats happening in this part of the world but your stories, your characters or groups lore, because for me your stories matter.

So how do we go about doing this, I'll tell you that as well. First step would be to reach out to a Loremaster via PM's with the story it is you want to add to the lore. We (meaning any Loremaster) get together and talk about your story and essentially just start writing it, maybe we write it together, or you write it and a Loremaster adds there touch to it if your not that good at writing stories, or the Loremaster writes it with all the important information about the story and attempting to capture what made that story important/memorable to you! Maybe multiple people get together, not just from the one group but two or three groups that were involved in the same story, and we work by threading this story together! And then we post it on here for others to read, and it gets implemented in to the Lore.

Future Potential

This is just a very basic idea right now, but what I hope to achieve with this is that in the future this grows into stories that are happening now! But not just documenting them, but creating events around them. Now this won't be forced upon you in any means, you are free to not participate in this in anyway. But if you want, we can work together to create events that are specific to you and your characters/groups story. Now even though this could lead to a lot of work, but I say that it is worth it for any community member and loremaster that wants to get together to do this.

So this will be the official thread for this, also for your feedback on this idea in general and for any ideas that you have that could improve on this. Ill update this thread as the idea grows and hopefully update it with the stories that you bring and in the future hopefully about the events that will be happening for your stories. I also work more on the thread its self adding official steps and the process, adding artwork and it will be a place for you all to share and voice your opinions.

This is your story, your lore and your events.

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Fantastic on every level. Its a People's History of DayZRP. Tying in the old groups and experiences of people in the past and forming new stories and histories for people to write and share, read and understand the now complex web of people and places and experiences that all mold into a beautifully complicated monster. Speaking of monsters, actually, this project seems like a beast to complete, but I am proud to say that I have full confidence that this is do-able.

I have a few stories myself i'd like to share, though I am assuming you'll take priority for bigger groups, larger stories, etc.? Target the more important stories first. Or is it just first come, first serve?


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Oh I have stories to tell, even ones close to the lore itself...

Time will tell whether they remain in the memories of but a few people or end up being shared widely.

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Absolute incredible work guys, you loremasters are on another level right now and you're making this place a lot more fun and exciting place to be. Keep up the fantastic work guys!

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Two things as I'm in class and busy now.

We can work on the timeline, which is hidden but exists. I have already started.

Plus think of the Lore as an easel where you can paint what you want on it, with a handful of guidelines added. Please PM us anything you'd like to do. We love working with groups and filling out corners of the Lore.

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