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Non Hostile Base Take Over?

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Our group of 3, came across an obvious base abandonment, or so we thought. We were west of Pavlova following the blue trail, approximately 2 days ago, when we came across a home, a barn, 2 sheds... Needless to say it seemed like a great place for camp. Once we entered we saw all of the gates opened, locks missing, 2 tents inside the house were emptied. We assumed that the place had been abandoned, so we set up camp. We were at this base for about 2 days with know sign of anyone who lived here. We got new everything and started work on fortifying. This morning when one of our members logged in, there were others in there, one was trapped inside the locked house so our guy unlocked it and let him out. He tried very kindly to explain what had happened, apologized and asked if we could get our stuff and would leave them with their original tents etc. We wanted to respect that it was their place first, and even offered to leave them with the locks we found since theirs were taken. He was called a liar, told that we couldn't take our stuff because it was all theirs, and then proceeded to //ooc tell him that what we did was against the rules. Is what we did against the rules?


Please make sure to read the full post before answering. We are not asking if we own the base now, we are not asking to keep the base, we are not asking if they are allowed to take it back from us. We were understanding that it was theirs, we did not want to fight them for it. We apologized, tried to explain the situation,  All we want to know is if what we did was against the rules because we do not want to break the rules and we certainly didn't want to intentionally take over someone elses base.

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There are no rules that govern what you have described above, so no, it would not be considered against the rules.


A base is considered owned by the person that built the base; This is why you should avoid ever taking over an 'abandoned' base as you never know if its truly abandoned or not. The player that came back to activity and refortified the place (if they are the ones that originally built the place before your arrival) does technically own the base. There is no protection in the rules (that I am aware of) other then what is established under rule 4.8. 


This is something that should have been solved in character, and no //you broke the rules message should have been sent or was required. At worst in such a situation if the player can not resolve it ICly you should OOC // for their name and try to reach out either on the forum or through the discord, mediated by a staff member if required.

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In addition to @Rover's points above, the builder of said base always remains the owner.
If they contact the GM's for the base's removal, it will be destroyed, regardless of who lives there currently.

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