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I've had this account sitting for a while but never actually met the age limit (when it existed) until recently.

I'm eager to get playing and create some great interactions, who knows, perhaps I'll even seek a group or community to get engaged with. If anyone has any advice or tips on how to get started, please don't hesitate to let me know - I'd be grateful!

Alec - my persona - is a timid and rather trepidatious French cartographer, who works with the knowledge he has to map out the landscape he encounters, sourcing from maps pre-existing and knowledge acquired from others. Whilst remaining alone in his affairs, he looks to engage careful and staggered alliance with others, to preserve his own safety and to assist others.

See you in Chernarus, survivor!

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noice title?
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Welcome the community, hope you have fun.

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Welcome to the community. If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact me! 

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Sup Hello GIF by The Detour

Welcome into the warmth of glorious DayZRP

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Welcome to the community, it's a pleasure to have you here!

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