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Registration question

Kenny The Savior

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Hello everyone! Over the last few weeks I have been searching for a SeriousRP server on DayZ, and once I discovered DayZRP, I knew I had found the right server for me. I went through the registration process, but when it asks me to link my steam account, it says I do not have 10 hours of DayZ played on my account. (Which I have 185 hours) Does anyone know why it is doing this? I double checked that my entire profile was public, and still nothing. Any pointers? Thanks in advance!

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You need to make sure that the little box that says "Always keep my total playtime private even if users can see my game details" unticked. As well as making sure that all of your settings are exactly the same as shown in the picture below;


If you continue to have more issues, feel free to let us know! Good luck with your whitelist application, I hope to see you around really soon.

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