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Why am I temp banned?

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Hey guys im not entirely sure what i did wrong i have this message telling me im banned? I Fixed my character page weight when the admin messaged me I just didnt hit reply to his message because i thought it would notify him of the change. 


You are banned!
Your account is currently temporarily banned from DayZRP game servers because of the following reason:
Invalid Character Page - Check PMs


Edit: I messaged him back just waiting for a reply. weight was 200kg a few days ago i changed it to 146kg, but i guess it didnt notify him. Hope for it to get resolved soon! Thanks! 

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Greetings @Paul Bunyun,

From the ban message that you have it seems that you have an invalid character page that was checked by the support team. They must have found something that they needed to bring to your attention so you can fix it and they gave you 24 hours to respond and fix the issue before you become temp banned. 

I strongly recommend looking at your private messages from the support member to see what the issue was and get the issue fixed. It seems you received a PM on Friday. Then let them know that you fixed it so they can review the page again and get your temp ban lifted.

Hope this clears some things up.



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Your ban message tells you the exact reason for you ban. You have an invalid character page and you need to read your private messages to see the reasoning as to why your characters page is wrong and make the fixes you have been asked to make before your temporary ban will be revoked. Once you have made the changes, go ahead and private message the support team member who asked for the changes to be made and then they will go ahead and request a temporary ban removal once they have confirmed that the changes you were asked to make are to a satisfactory level.

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The temp ban has been lifted today @Paul Bunyun

With this being said. Solved.

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