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Otto’s arrival


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Hi everyone,

I’ve just been whitelisted and I’m very excited to jump on in a few hours and start playing with you all.

My character’s name is Otto, he’s an Australian who got trapped in the region during the outbreak while he was on holiday. He’s been trying to survive by himself and find a safe place to settle down. He’s hoping to find a quiet spot to build a camp, or perhaps to join a group, but at the moment he isn’t very trusting of others after having been robbed and attacked repeatedly.

I’m looking forward to starting his journey soon, and seeing where he goes from here!

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  • Administrator

Hope you enjoy it here, welcome to the community.

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  • Moderator

Welcome to the community. If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact me! 

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Welcome to the community! Remember, the outbreak began over 830 days ago so you have to act as if he's been here and experienced stuff during that time since your characters backstory states that he got trapped in Chernarus whilst on a vacation.

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Hi, in my backstory I was trapped in Turkey and only recently arrived in Chernarus, but yes, I have been playing with at least some knowledge after reading the lore page. I've been playing that he knows a bit about the outbreak since it happened in other countries too, but that he doesn't know much about Chernarus yet

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Welcome to the server! You'll love it here! 

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