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A friends book and it's understanding message


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*Hector walks to an abandon church in the town closest one he comes arcossed, he walks to the front and gets on his knees. Hector pulls out the book Jackson has given him and turns upright and realized, Jackson had given him his personal Bible. Hector sets the book down as well as sits Chuy down in front of him.... And begins to pray".


" I was told, Sunday is a day of good and Peace...a day where we can go to pray and wash clean our sins. *Very long pause......as I kneel down today because I made a promise to Jackson that I would try to turn and forget the things that drive me. But I can't.....the sins of my father's took forever something that I will never get back....and the blood I spill will only bring me closer to her....."

"I pray today on Sunday in this empty place and believe me [email protected]#K...."I forgot sorry"....that I haven't been in a place where I feel welcome. A pastor once told me any sin can be forgiven if you believe that it was for a better purpose, God....I believe I sin to make my pain go away, I kill Because I want her back....I kill because I want to hold her......*Hector stops and takes a deep breath*....im trying because I found something better....someone that doesn't judge me, only wants to be with Hector and Chuy.....but it hurts because if I stand aside my enemies will take her and it will start over."

"So for now lord, I only ask you to forgive my sins for now and not all, Because I have much more I need to do."

Te ruego, mi señor, que me guíes por el camino que tomo y ayudo a las personas que están dispuestas a tomar una muerte rápida y mantenerse alejado. en tu nombre más lejos rezo por tu perdón ... Amén

Translation- i pray to you my lord and guide me through the path i take and help those individuals that stand before me to take a swift death and stay clear. in your name farther i pray for your forgiveness... Amen

*Hector stays and prays for a few more minutes and leaves the church with a small smile on his brow*


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