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I miss DayZ Mod


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Back in the days of 2012ish, DayZ Mod was released and it forever changed how we spent our time in Arma. DayZ Mod was just so great, somehow, despite the retina searing graphics, and the clunky character behavior, the times were just the best. I don't know why this is honestly, but I'm ready to elaborate, back in DayZ mod there was a clear objective to work towards. 

-Spawn in, Loot, build a base, kill others or run AI missions, die laughing, spawn in and be regeared in minutes. 

It was just so fun compared to what we have now, DayZ Standalone just isn't awesome like the mod was. The base building is shit, there are so many items just lacking despite the extra mods in place. DayZ mod is a mod, and it has more items for base building than Standalone despite years of development. Standalone doesn't have an end game.. There's nothing! There's no roaming AI, there's no supply drops, it's just aimless wandering with no objective and not feeling like you belong anywhere. You can't develop your base with extra things like benches, outhouses, obstacle courses, gun racks, NOTHING like that. I feel so lost in Standalone. 

Don't get me wrong, Standalone isn't THAT bad. But it just isn't the same. 


We don't have stuff like this anymore.



TLDR; I'm whining about missing DayZ mod.

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Rose tinted glasses. I tell you, reinstall the game and mod, hop on a server. I give you about 30 mins before you realize that it wasn't the game that made you think "those were better times" and that the reason it seemed like a better game was actually the people you were playing the game with, and the state of the community at that time.

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FB8D754AC2DCA9F5F7FA8ECEBC154E129410EBB3I miss the people I used to play with back in mod more than mod itself.

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I'd like to see it return personally, even if the same vibe isn't there. I joined after the mod but I watched Frankie and others to understand the Mod. 

If it does return, it'll probably recieve the same treatment it did when Rolle tried to start it up again, huge pop to begin with only for it to dip to 0 / XX. Shame honestly.

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