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A dead mans cry

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*Jager feebly drags himself across the ground to a radio laying atop a pile of the contents he once held in his bag. He speaks with a terrible faintness in a way that would make clear he has suffered a terrible blow to the face. As he clings to life and stuffs what few bandages he can find into the gash -that once held his upper skull and front teeth and takes one last bandage around his jaw and face alike.*

"Crusader 1-1 down. N-n-need medical assistance. Above the meeting spot by 2 clicks."

*He pulled the cap from his epinephrine pen and would proceed to inject himself as a last ditch to fight back against the darkness consuming his vision.*

"Protocol Romero failed. The package was compromised. "

*He began to mutter*  “The King will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the lea........."

*The blood loss would begin to take a further hold on him as he felt his grip on the radio loosen. His blood soaked hand would lose its ability to hold the PTT button as he began to allow his body to fall slump onto the bag he had propped himself against.* 

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