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Help, anyone...

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*a ragged and tired voice crackles through the radio*

Anyone there? I need help. If you can hear me, I don't know how much longer I have.

*small pause ensues as the speaker catches his breath*

I've been stranded here... I'm starving, the world is getting blurry. If you have food, I have gear that we can trade. Anyone, please, help me. 

*radio clicks off*

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* A day later the same voice comes back on the radio. The man on the radio repeats a message 3 times *

May day, may day. Calling the research vessel Bravo November Sierra Hotel Three Six, designation Taurus. Do you copy?

* After the repeating messages, a brief pause goes on before the transmission continues *

Taurus, if you can hear me, I've managed to find some food and survive... for now. I was forced to leave the coast and move inland to avoid the infected. My radio battery is running low and I don't know how much longer I can monitor the frequencies. I have heard gunshots far away several times, which means I am not alone here. Be advised, there are potential hostiles here. I repeat, potentially hostile natives. Retry, over and out.

Radio clicks off *

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*The radio comes to life with the small battery it has left*

"Hello Amigo, who is tis?...my name is Hector some of the guys and myself can hear your message. Are you still in need of help?....Tell me if your hurt? 

*The radio goes dead*

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* Radio clicks in *

Oh God, you can hear me! Hello there Hector. I've managed to cure myself of a nasty stomach disease and found some goat on the way. I am now fully fed and clothed. I'm quite excited to hear a friendly voice. And hello there... other person? I have no idea where those places are. Shak.. vodka? Or Grishino? Did I hear that correctly? 

Pauses for some 10 seconds to think for a while *

I have a compass and have made my way generally NE. I hope I'm going in the right direction. Retry over and out.

Radio clicks off *

* After 30 minutes the radio comes back to life *

OK, I don't understand this language here. Is it Russian? Darn it... anyways, I have just got to this town called... Ay... six... pob... kah. I think that's how it reads. 

* Radio clicks off *

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