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Message for Eric.

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*A static sound is heard as the man pushes down the button upon his radio. *

*The so familiar voice of the man Frank easily would be heard from the radio.*

"Eric,  do you copy?"
*This is all the man said, as he waited for a brief moment, speaking once again.*
"If you're there I might need your help, heard some troubling news of a trading post down in Grishino, might need your help if you're available."

*The message ended shortly after, as he released the button upon his radio, awaiting an answer, if he ever would recieve one.*


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*Erik hears the message while searching some supplies*

"Is this the guy I met the other day, the rock star? What is going on? I'm not around the station, but if you head there, someone might be able to help you. 

*He releases the PTT*

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