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Message for Victorium

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*Donnie sighs before using the PTT*

"This is a message for those who call themselves Nox An Victorium or brotherhood, In the past 48 hours we have come across each other twice . .
First encounter me and my people outnumbered you but remained friendly and we allowed you to walk away unharmed and with all your possesions still intact . .
Second encounter some religious nut job in your group tried to murder one of my people for not being pure or some shit ? . . he was also robbed of his belongings after he was left to die

*Donnie paused fort a moment before proceeding*

"Now im not a very hostile person but when my people are threatened and attacked i take it personal, You have 48 hours to make things right with us by reaching out and setting a meeting to discuss terms . . If you choose not to then you will become hostile and official enemies to the federation and its allies"

*Donnie released the PTT and sunk his head into his hands *

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*Bobby Picks up the radio*

"Why give them a second chance?"

"Second chances aren't smart these days."

*Bobby releases the PTT*


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*Charles takes the radio and pushes down the PTT*

"He's right you know, might as well get shit over with right then and there."

*Lets go of it*

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*Donnie uses the PTT*

"For those who know the NHF will know we are not murderers and thieves . . We allow people the chance to make things right . .
Only a small amount of humans left alive in chernarus . . If we was to go around killing everyone we would be no better then the factions we fight against . .
The choice is there . . whether or not they accept it is on them

*Donnie lets go of the PTT*

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*Press PTT*

"Well alright when you go to this meeting to make things right, and you lose more people don't cry to me."

"I'm trying to help you out, but whatever."

*releases PTT*

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