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Server time (UTC): 2021-11-27 09:12

2 RDMed 3 dead


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Server and location: DayZRP Chernarus - Zelenogorsk

Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 10/26/2019 Server time roughly 8:18 am UTC

Your in game name: Lakota Fairchild

Names of allies involved: Eric Brunner, Jager mouller

Name of suspect/s: do not know

Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A

Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): N/A

Detailed description of the events: I talking to a man and being watched by multiple people in the tree lines north of Zelenogorsk. i was told to come join up with my leader Eric to help escort someone to the fire station to speak with the new hope organization. Me and Eric stated to escort the man to the fire station which was optional the man never said he did not want to go and was not forced. once we got to the church in Zelenogorsk i was shot in the back by a sniper in the trees. i ran for cover and was then shot and killed by the man we had been escorting. the man never initiated on me or Eric and he never spoke in game to tell the sniper to fire. Eric was shortly gunned as well. We never initiated on the man or anyone in his organization and he never initiated on us, he willing said "ok lets go" and started to follow us to the fire station. at the end of the day Me and Eric were RDMed and it created a fire fight resulting in the death of Me (Lakota Fairchild) , Eric, and to my knowledge at least one of the mans allies.

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Connection Logs

05:00:25 | Player "Lakota Fairchild" is connected
- DIED -
08:36:28 | Player "Lakota Fairchild" has been disconnected

05:00:49 | Player "Dante Hazard" is connected
07:48:59 | Player "Dante Hazard" has been disconnected
07:57:38 | Player "Dante Hazard" is connected
09:09:49 | Player "Dante Hazard" has been disconnected

07:22:09 | Player "Daegon Blackwood" is connected
09:10:02 | Player "Daegon Blackwood" has been disconnected

06:47:37 | Player "Eric Brunner" is connected
- DIED -
08:16:23 | Player "Eric Brunner" has been disconnected

04:59:37 | Player "Curtis Rook" is connected
08:16:19 | Player "Curtis Rook" has been disconnected
08:35:59 | Player "Curtis Rook" is connected
09:10:01 | Player "Curtis Rook" has been disconnected

06:05:51 | Player "Jager Muller" is connected
08:31:52 | Player "Jager Muller" has been disconnected



Hit Logs

08:07:05 | Player "Lakota Fairchild" hit by Player "Dante Hazard" with SKS 59/66 from 255.859 meters 
08:07:16 | Player "Lakota Fairchild" hit by Player "Daegon Blackwood" with SKS 59/66 from 6.09888 meters 
08:07:16 | Player "Lakota Fairchild" hit by Player "Daegon Blackwood" with SKS 59/66 from 5.9577 meters 
08:07:16 | Player "Lakota Fairchild" hit by Player "Daegon Blackwood" with SKS 59/66 from 5.9577 meters 
08:07:17 | Player "Lakota Fairchild" hit by Player "Daegon Blackwood" with SKS 59/66 from 5.67535 meters
08:07:18 | Player "Eric Brunner" hit by Player "Daegon Blackwood" with SKS 59/66 from 21.8283 meters 
08:07:33 | Player "Eric Brunner" hit by Player "Curtis Rook" with Armsan RS-X1 from 20.1601 meters 
08:07:42 | Player "Eric Brunner" hit by Player "Curtis Rook" with Armsan RS-X1 from 18.1171 meters 



Kill Logs

08:07:16 | Player "Lakota Fairchild" (DEAD) killed by Player "Daegon Blackwood" with SKS 59/66 from 6.09888 meters
08:07:42 | Player "Eric Brunner" (DEAD) killed by Player "Curtis Rook" with Armsan RS-X1 from 18.1171 meters 



Calling in the below players to provide their full and detailed point of view with all unedited video evidence they have on the events above.

Thank you


@Dumstuff - Lakota Fairchild - OP

@Haus - Jager Muller - Posted

@KodiakbearGaming - Eric Brunner - Posted

@Dante Hazard - Dante Hazard - Posted

@Monker - Daegon Blackwood - Posted

@Rookie52 - Curtis Rook - Posted



@Rookie52 - Please explain why you logged out within 30 minutes of killing Eric Brunner.

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No video. But there was a huge firefight going on in the town between a few groups, new hope federation being one of them. Pretty sure you guys just got caught up in the crossfire. 


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First and foremost I have to begin with what happened at our base. Most of our group were doing a loot run of military bases, at the time we were at NW airfield. Our base was the campsite just west of Green Mountain. As we were about to head back one of our guys at base, Tony Meretti, radioed us that the base was raided and he was taken hostage and released. We decided to book it home and see if we could find them. When some of our guys got back Tony explained what they looked like and how many there were. We regrouped and headed out to zelen to see if we could get any information.


 Me, Dante, and Tyrone (Tyrone Anderson) all moved in before Daegon. Dante and Tyrone went up to the zelen gas station and met a man in black, i am not sure what was said, I was near one of the barns North west of the gas station to provide overwatch. As Dante and Tyrone went back up the hill, I saw another man in black walked up to the first one. They then moved off. I still sat in my position until Daegon began to head over from base. From where i was i did not see Daegon or other men greet him. Dante and Tyrone radioed me about it. From what i heard Daegon was approached with weapons out and his hands went up. The three of us were indecisive and couldn't figure out if we should fire or not. I was moving up into town from where I was as this was going on. That is when Dante fired the first shot. Everyone sprang into action and gunfire ensued. With my shotgun i moved up to the church were Daegon was being brought, I saw one man towards the opening of the church and proceeded to fire upon him. 2 shots and he went down in the street out front of the church. After that i saw a man move towards the gas station I followed and began to fire. I ran into a building and met another sudo group member named Alberto Vargas. We had no idea he was there. I told him to follow me up the road to the gas station. As we moved he was gunned down by an enemy. I proceeded up to the gas station where Tyrone had set up a position. Shots were being fired so I threw a smoke grenade and Tyrone retreated up the hill to the woods. I threw another smoke and moved up myself. As I began to move I took fire from 2 different people, I had not gotten hit at all. This is when my game crashed. I was under fire from 2 separate people in a somewhat open field. (I do believe I have a crash file, it is dated 10-25-2019 3:09 AM EST). That is all the information I have of the incident.

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SO pretty much one of New Hopes guys went missing and we were helping find him and I was sitting there talking to a guy in the field and asked if to go talk to New Hope down at the fire station in zeleno so I call out to Lakota to escort him down there he was not forced no one was being mean just going for a talk and as us 3 were walking down through the church courtyard a shot rang out and Lakota was hit but not dead then the man we were escorting pulled his sks, shot and killed Lakota so I dip out behind cover after being tagged a couple of times to and I try to make it around the wall on the road of the church where I am shot and killed by someone in the street 

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While in Zelenogorsk we had began to look search the town, at which time we met several people all of which we asked to follow us as we would escort them to the fire station for questioning should they permit. It had become apparent that slowly the woodline to the north and north east was becoming populated by unknown people with mosins and other higher caliber rifles. They began  to scope in on us and for the following 10 or so minutes watched from a distance with rifles aimed at us. A man with a pink armband was walking through a felid to which i and lokaota approached to ask if he was with the green mountain folks of whom wear the same armband. I quickly noticed a man in a green poncho staring me down with a rifle aimed at me so i went to go talk to him at which time he had dissapered into the woods and i met another fellow. Moments after saying hi to him gunshots came from the trees and over the radio i was told people had been shot. I fleed to a nearby hillside to circle round and try to provide support at which time i was unable to as there was no way to identify any targets. No contact was made with any of the parties presumed to have attacked us and none of the attackers wore any type of armband or anything showing they might be part of a group. Furthermore at no time was anyone that we did have contact with held up or confronted as they had all come with us by there own will.

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OOC INFO: Earlier we heild up a guy at GM summer camp, Because they killed our boy Chris. Then we went down to Zelen to look for their leader, we asked people som questions about the Summer camp people. Then we got cautht in the crossfire against the Summer camp people (the one we heild up).

Johans POV: He was with NHF looking for a guy in Zelen and asked people some questions. When suddenly people starting to shoot at each other N side of town, Johan and the rest rushed there to check it out and got caught in the crossfire.

@Rover ehhhh ^

And here is where i was when the gunfight started.


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Was at our former base near green mountain when I heard 3 people walk inside the base through the back unwelcomed. They preceded to show someone around and explain the items that they took and how they were going to take over the base. I also heard them say the name Lakota. Later in Zelenogorsk I was taken hostage by Lakota Fairchild and his accomplices. They preceded to try to "escort" me, which was indeed AGAINST MY WILL, to another group I am wanted by. My group proceeded to jump into action to rescue me, therefore I saw a shot hit Lakota, who had his gun pointed at me. As he went to flee I used this opportunity to strike back against my kidnappers. So I shot Lakota killing him, Brennen began to fire at me to which I returned fire. After this I fled back to our base, soon a fire fight began in Zelenogorsk. 

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2 hours ago, OGBig_Nasty said:

No video. But there was a huge firefight going on in the town between a few groups, new hope federation being one of them. Pretty sure you guys just got caught up in the crossfire.

Please provide a full written POV.

@Hampze - Thank you for the video .Please provide your full written POV as well.

@Monker - Please describe exactly how you were asked to follow them, and what led you think you were taken hostage. Specific words and actions are important.

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Hi, this Is Dante Hazard Replying to the incident mentioned above. As stated by Curtis Rook most of the group and I had split into two cells to do some loot runs as we were running low on a lot of equipment. Nearing the end of our loot run Tony Meretti - also known as ‘Fat Tony’ - Radioed us about being taken hostage and raised by a group who had not made their intentions clear, Tony stated that they said to him that the group was part of “New Hope Federation” and even asked if he wanted to join. It seems their intentions was to find a man named Chris but this was figured out afterwards. Leaving him alive for some reason and moving off after stealing half of our guns and ammunition Tony Radioed us about the raid.

Looking for the assailants who attacked our base we knew that we were well within the 2 hour specified time limit for retaliation. Tyrone went to the gas station and I headed with him, As Tyrone went to the gas station I provide overwatch in the nearby tree-line. He stated that he saw a man in black but Tyrone stated: The man asked us what we were doing which Tyrone replied - “just out looking for gear” and we asked him back and he said “just looking for my anarchy brothers here in town.”

We waited in cover assuming our attackers to be on high alert after raiding our base probably not even 20 minutes ago. Daegon then left the base and wandered around looking for supplies when he was greeted by two men with weapons draw, Daegon knowing that we were still within the timer immediately put his hands up and went silent on radio to talk to the men. 

Most of us were panicking indecisively, unsure what to do when Daegon began to walk with the two men.

I assumed he had been captured, and acted accordingly. Our base had been raided and looted, these were clearly the people that raided as we described their looks to Tony and he confirmed it was them. I took the chance and open fired on a man now known as Lakota Fairchild. Instantly the fight began with shots ringing out across the tree line. I had some other pot shots but didn’t hit anyone. 

As I remained in the tree line I was unable to hit anyone else and merely tried my best to commentate possible positions of the enemy. This is all the information I have on the incident.

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I was approached by two men who asked me to put my gun away and hands up. One of them was Lakota. They said they were going to bring me to another group. They never made it clear that it was optional, they simply said "follow us" There was no indication it was peaceful, I was in full fear of my characters life and I believed I was getting robbed. 

One of them said "you walk too slow with your hands up" which I implied they meant follow them with one hand raised. So I did. We made it about 20 feet before one of my group members took the shot that allowed me to act and kill one of my captors. 

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I heard a huge firefight in the town, I was fired upon by two players and I fired back. I don't know who, I never had a chance to RP with anyone.

As for being hit by Johan, as you can see in the video I had ran past him while he was killing a zombie and he cut me. 

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@Hampze & @OGBig_Nasty I've removed you from the POV list as your situation was not involved with what was reported. You were called in as your names appeared in the logs alongside other involved parties.

I appreciate your timely responses to the report.

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Invalid Kill (roleplayed) - @Monker - INCONCLUSIVE
Invalid Kill (on sight) - @Rookie52 - INCONCLUSIVE
Attempted Invalid Kill (on sight) - @Dante Hazard - INCONCLUSIVE


This whole situation reeks of insecurity and it does not seem like all of you are fully aware of how kill rights work while you're not in an official group. Due to the lack of hard evidence we therefore cannot punish anyone, however if there was evidence it is safe to say that there was some fishy business going on here.

Let us run it down for you.



When your life is at risk or you are subjected to a hostile action by other players you are allowed to defend yourself. This is granted by two different "kill rights" that you can gain based on circumstances of the situation like which side caused the hostile situation and which side you are on.

If you are a defender - the one being initiated on or subjected to other hostile actions that threaten your life which you did not start or provoke - you are allowed to defend yourself by gaining  DEFENDER RIGHTS on the attackers. Defender rights allow you to kill attackers for 2 hours or until your character dies. Defender rights can be shared with anyone who you recently role played with as well as all your group members, if you are a part of an approved group.

If you are an attacker - the one who first did the initiation or started, caused or provoked the hostile situation - you are allowed to defend yourself by gaining  ATTACKER RIGHTS on the defenders. Attacker rights allow you to kill defenders for 1 hour or until your character dies. Attacker rights can be only be shared with your approved group members. If you are not a part of an approved group, attacker rights can not be shared and apply only for your character.

There. Highlighted the main parts for you. A dynamic group can not share attacker rights. Everyone in the situation has to initiate to gain the same rights. Keep this in mind the next time you are the attackers, which it seems like you were.


The next point covers initiations. @Monker claims he was initiated upon, while @Dumstuff says otherwise. For future reference please look at the following rule.


All initiations and hostile actions as well as their demands and conditions must be made clear and unambiguous to all involved players. Hostile actions or initiations must be done personally and on specific targets who must be aware who the attacker is, for example they cannot be done remotely through radio or PA system.

Please make everything clear in the future while initiating. Telling someone to put their gun away and put their hands up can be seen as a hostile action, even if it's not meant to be.

Another suggestion is to always have video recording software available while playing on our servers. In many cases this is the evidence the Gamemaster team needs to solve reports, as logs don't always tell the full story of what happened, and especially not about what has been said.

With that said.


Invalid Kill (roleplayed) - @Monker - INCONCLUSIVE, NO PUNISHMENT
Invalid Kill (on sight) - @Rookie52 - INCONCLUSIVE, NO PUNISHMENT
Attempted Invalid Kill (on sight) - @Dante Hazard - INCONCLUSIVE, NO PUNISHMENT

Signed by @Hofer & @Fae

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