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Hello there survivor...


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  • Sapphire

*presses down PTT*

"Hello there survivors of the new world!"

"Are you sick of the life of just getting by... just wandering the lands and having no purpose in life... want to be part of the change for better future?"

"Well then get off your ass and join a militia and be the change..." *he chuckles*

"Anyways if you recognize the urge to do something about it, I propose a meeting and I can tell you about it more in person."

"As a warning I will ask you for the ultimate price, that is my condition."

"Contact me on this frequency and we can arrange the meeting in following days."

"May the beginning of peace and unity start today!"

*releases PTT as he exhales in peace*


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*Jack Jackson holds down his PTT


"Do you have a licence for the weapons you will be using in your Militia?"


*Jack Jackson releases his PTT

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  • Sapphire

*he picks up radio and looks confused*

"What now... what license...? I must have a bad reception on my end... did you wish to volunteer?"

*he release PTT*


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  • Lore Master




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  • Game Master

*Jan was sitting behind his desk while the radio scanner picked up a busy fequency. He listens in and decides to respond*

''Interesting things on the airwaves... What kind of militia is this? Not interested to join, but would like to talk privately about this.
 Delta Charlie, Julliet delta Victor over and out.''

*Jan puts the frequency on the second band and starts to scan again on with the first band*

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  • Sapphire

*He picks up radio*

"Ah straight to the point... I like that. Give me couple of days to setup a safe meeting point. In a meanwhile... rest of you, let yourselves to be known if you wish to join my cause."

*He sets his radio back to his belt*

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  • Diamond

*Vlad pries Ivan's radio from his boulder hands and holds the PTT*

"Da, I am also interested. Please do let us know, thank you."

*Vlad chucks the radio back at Ivan. Ivan pulls his hatchet out and destroys the radio mid-air, as the radio slowly dies you can hear Vlad yell at Ivan for breaking his 6th radio of the day*

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*Ashven presses the PTT, the crackling of a campfire and some muddled talk is heard before he starts speaking*

"Peace huh? You gonna help Odezva take out these fascist groups trying to squander a piece of the pie? Sorry, pal, but a good ol' boy like myself is only interested if we're putting bullets into skulls, because talk aint worth shit to some of these groups." 

*there's some silence before the transmission ends* 

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  • Sapphire

*He picks up his radio*

"Hello there survivor, if you wish to come and meet me... I am waiting for you South East of Zelenagorsk I do believe. Near the white barn."

"I will stay here as long as possible, cause I am low on supplies or either it gets dark."

*He lets PTT go*

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  • Sapphire

*He picks up his radio*

" I will wait for another hour or so, after which I need to go and find shelter for tonight. Once the first people show up, I will cancel the meeting point. "

*Sets his radio back to his belt*

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  • Sapphire

*Picks up radio*

"Meeting point canceled"

*sets his radio back to belt*

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