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How do you properly break into a base?

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pretty sure axe and crowbar works, hacksaw/saw for use on locks. 

Just remember, if you break into the base of gear horders (cause apparently some people "need" 40 AKs, 20 full jugg suits, 40 M4's and a billion rounds of ammo to "RP") you might want to take some water to try dilute the salt, cooking pots hold a decent amount and are easily portable while full. 

Also remember to be neat and tidy, try not to leave anything (or much) on the ground if you take a storage container, and to carefully pack anything away that you can't carry because rules apparently (which don't speecifically say that).

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Hacksaws for locks, remember one becomes ruined after destroying a lock.  Hatchets or whatever for the walls. You can't break locker locks unfortunately. 
Also you can take everything you want, but just don't throw their stuff on the ground if you don't take it with you.... If you wanna steal their containers aswell, here there has been a talk of how you should behave.

Also remember if the owners appear, you're gonna be in big trouble ?

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Do 'er clean if you have a 3 digit lock. Code crack that bad boy. Gobble up some goodies but don't leave anything on the ground, if you take storage replace the storage. But yeah @Alan Woods pretty much said it all. I just like keeping it clean otherwise I don't mess with it.

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When it comes to tools it have been posted by others above. When it comes to rule's specially griefing i highly suggest to go trough solved reports  Here marked as griefing that will give you best insight how this rule works.

General note: I highly suggest to go trough as many closed reports as possible specially for new players as clarification how rules works. Rules cannot cover all situations with every, even small,important  details. 

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Honestly feel one should be allowed to just empty out tents on the ground. Would make hoarding a bit less functional and would rather allow things to spawn back out in the world again. for about 8 hours now.. I seen nothing but mags and ammo and clothing in military bases. And in regular places I see at best shotguns or SKS.. Im not with a big group.. i play a sorta pacifist character that trade..  Sure I can trade for fancy guns. But at the moment It feel like every automatic gun on the map is in a Stash after 24 hours after persistent wipe.

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