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S1: Invaild Kill in Svetlojarsk - 10/25/2019 6:00


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Server and location: 1 Svetlojarsk

Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 6:00 10/25/19

Your in game name: Alan Joseph Gunderson

Names of allies involved: James North

Name of suspect/s: Thomas, Steve (Not much time for names)

Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any):  n/a

Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): n/a

Detailed description of the events: We were in Svetlojarsk breaking down a wooden fence inside of a industrial building on the docks, three people approached, I believe it was Steve and Thomas and another I didn't get the name of. My friend James North stopped breaking down the wall I came out of the cargo container I was hiding in and they questioned who were were. We answered with our names all friendly like. They were also friendly and talked calm as well. After we jokingly claimed we were the Restate agency they agreed getting inside of the building was interesting to them as well. Then one of their other friend ran off and soon returned with some random man named Aiden (I think) and then things went south. They started to question who he was, if we knew him. overall they and ourselves got very suspicious. Since I kinda trusted them and they were highly kitted I figured they werent gonna rob us. So I then initiated on the man Aiden and told him we were gonna cuff him up for our safety while we broke into the base. The others claimed to be no part of this but after I put my gun away to cuff the man, the others put up there guns simultaneously and shouted for us to put our hands up, all of them screaming this at the same time. I had luckily just put my gun away to cuff the man, but my friend who had a pp-19 turned to face them WITHOUT aiming his weapon, also at the same time the man Aiden pulled out his Shotgun and the 4 armed man and woman shot my friend James North and Aiden I of course survived this and was later released after questioning.

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05:34:23 | Player "James North" hit by Player "Noah Russo" with FN-FAL from 10.2203 meters 
05:34:24 | Player "James North" hit by Player "Thomas Lupas Deshotel" with M4A1 from 10.0938 meters 
05:34:24 | Player "James North" hit by Player "Noah Russo" with FN-FAL from 11.9216 meters 
05:34:24 | Player "James North" hit by Player "Noah Russo" with FN-FAL from 11.9216 meters 

05:34:23 | Player "Aiden Callahan" hit by Player "Noah Russo" with FN-FAL from 13.8251 meters 
05:34:23 | Player "Aiden Callahan" hit by Player "Noah Russo" with FN-FAL from 13.8251 meters 
05:34:23 | Player "Aiden Callahan" hit by Player "Noah Russo" with FN-FAL from 13.8251 meters 
05:34:23 | Player "Aiden Callahan" hit by Player "Noah Russo" with FN-FAL from 14.0029 meters 
05:34:23 | Player "Aiden Callahan" hit by Player "Noah Russo" with FN-FAL from 14.0029 meters 



05:34:24 | Player "James North" (DEAD) killed by Player "Noah Russo" with FN-FAL from 11.9216 meters 
05:34:23 | Player "Aiden Callahan" (DEAD) killed by Player "Noah Russo" with FN-FAL from 13.8251 meters 



05:40:12 | Chat("Noah Russo"): *Would pat the man down for any radios or other weapons // Do i find any more Radios or weapons?
05:52:12 | Chat("Noah Russo"): // yeah and us aswell?

05:52:06 | Chat("Jack Hall"): //can i get perms to log after this
05:52:30 | Chat("Jack Hall"): //ty dude



03:04:33 | Player "Noah Russo" is connected
06:03:50 | Player "Noah Russo" has been disconnected

03:04:57 | Player "Jack Hall" is connected
06:01:00 | Player "Jack Hall" has been disconnected

03:02:42 | Player "Riley Lux" is connected
06:04:09 | Player "Riley Lux" has been disconnected

05:06:15 | Player "Alan Joseph Gunderson" is connected
06:12:52 | Player "Alan Joseph Gunderson" has been disconnected

05:11:07 | Player "Thomas Lupas Deshotel" is connected
06:03:44 | Player "Thomas Lupas Deshotel" has been disconnected

03:05:34 | Player "James North" is connected
06:26:56 | Player "James North" has been disconnected

04:03:03 | Player "Aiden Callahan" is connected
05:35:18 | Player "Aiden Callahan" has been disconnected



05:37:45 | Player "Jack Hall" (pos=<14192.8, 13135.9, 9.9>) 
05:37:45 | Player "Noah Russo" (pos=<14155.1, 13125.9, 3.3>) 
05:37:45 | Player "Riley Lux" (pos=<14153.2, 13134.2, 3.3>) 
05:37:45 | Player "Alan Joseph Gunderson" (pos=<14157.9, 13125.1, 3.3>) 
05:37:45 | Player "Thomas Lupas Deshotel" (pos=<14161.6, 13123.9, 3.3>) 
05:32:44 | Player "Aiden Callahan" (pos=<14157.3, 13128.1, 3.3>) 

Calling in the following players for their POV and any un-edited video evidence they may have.

@ITSTHETIM - Alan Joseph Gunderson - OP
@James North - James North - POSTED
@MasonnWB - Noah Russo - POSTED
@silvermoongaming - Riley Lux - POSTED
@LoneWolf87 - Thomas Lupas Deshotel - POSTED
@moxx - Jack Hall - POSTED
@Parzival - Aiden Callahan - 

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Yo so I’ve got class right now and won’t be home till Tuesday cause I’m going out of town. I’ll see if I can stop home cause I have video of this situation but I’ll post a POV on my free period. 

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Alright detailed POV will provide video evidence if I go home real quick just for this. We rock into svet where we see a light, after going towards it I hear them breaking a wall. I say Something along the lines of “yo bro we got you covered” after brief small chat I knew he had a friend so his friend comes into the open, I then see the light in town and I assume that’s their friend aswell so I say “yo, tell you friend to come over here rather than watch through a scope” they respond along the lines of “yeah he’s not gonna come over here.” I then chase the dude down assuming it’s their friend (yeah they didn’t have any other friends but they lied to me but I assumed anyway) after bring him back turns out it’s not their friend, they raise their guns on the dude. We back up saying “we’re not involved” I then whisper to my boys asking if they are ready and we engage. Would like to point out, you’re reporting for invalid kill but you never died. Also, We have defense rights and couldve just gassed you if we wanted to because we had just RP with the guy you engaged on. We decide to hold y’all up cause we didn’t want get held up ourselves. After we engage and having more numbers, vastly better weapons, and better position, your guys fights back and dies (NVFL) and you then comply with us. I personally had fun RPing with you after we took you but I guess not. 

To recap I will post video evidence if I stop home to upload it (probably will but home is 30 minute out of the way of where I’m going) 

also, he’s reporting us for invalid kill when he was never even killed himself,


and last thing as this is a question I have for the staff who review this, if opposition request to close report I request that it stays open... i would like for NvFl on Op to be opened up but do I need to make another report for it or can that be here ?


Edit: don’t mean to open NvFL on op but his friend that was killed my bad.

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We were walking through town when we see a light moving and decide to investigate. We then stumble across a guy breaking into a base. We start talking to him and another guy comes out from a storage container where he was hiding. We chat with the two for a moment asking about the guy with the light, they tell us it's their friend Markus. Noah finds the guy while Thomas and I talk with the other two. While talking both of the guys pulled out their guns so tension is already high. Noah returns with the flashlight guy and the other two now claim they don't know him. Tension grows and the two men initiate on the flashlight guy while the three of us take up position behind them. We then initiate on all three. One puts his hands up, one pulls up a shotgun and gets gassed, then the other turns around facing us and raises his gun, gets bodied immediately. We rp with the last guy for a bit, he's real torn up over what had just happened, but all is well and we ask for perm to log after and he replies sure, which was nice of him.

You did initiate on someone we were trying to rp with which does give us defender rights and we could have killed both of you without initiating but wanted to rp the situation out. The tension was high and you two set that bar by pulling out guns and your boy pointed his at us. 

We were going to log when we got a bit further up the road and it was dark so I had stopped recording.

I'd also like to state that Riley @silvermoongaming  was traveling with us but wasn't part of the fight, though she can tell her own pov, she took defensive position around the building and had nothing to do with the deaths.

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Me and my 4 friends were traveling to a settlement when we hit industrial in the town. We come upon a gentlemen breaking into a base. So being in the right mind that we were decided to ask some question just chat no harmful intentions, but we then noticed someone in the distant shooting and causing up a storm so we ask the guy breaking into the base if that’s his friend he reply’s no. Then appears his friend coming out of a crate that was hiding from us being sneaky so that’s when tensions got really distress and we fear for our safety. We then pull back and Then Noah goes and get the guys shooting with flashlight so we can talk and the guys breaking into the base try to hold this guy up and tie him up. This was the turning point for our group so we decided to take charge of the situation and initiate. Two refused to cooperate and got gunned down because they turned around and trying to engage us. One kept his hands up and lived and then rp’d with him and released him. 

Edit; got confused on who was who, we killed the guy that was initially being held one of the dude that started it

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After they should up to us breaking down wall in Svet they approached my friend while I was hidden in a cargo container nearby the group. After they requested my friend James North breaking the wall to have "Your friend aiming his gun at us" to come out I thought they some how knew I was in the container, so I exited unarmed. We then jokingly stated some light banter jokes of why we were attempting to break into the base. The 3 agreed breaking into the base was in their best interests as well so we were gonna continue with the wall. Then one of their friends returns with some random (Aiden) and me and my friend James assume he might be based in the base we were busting into. So we Initiate and tell him were gonna cuff him while we bust into the base. Then the others Thomas, Jack and Noah (simultaneously btw) point at me, Aiden and James North. They then with only the one warning open fire after my friend holding a PP-19 (not aiming it) turns to face them, killing him. Also at the same time Aiden pulled out his shout gun and was mowed down too. I was only able to live because I had just put my gun away to cuff Aiden. (I also believe those in my report were using a 3rd party chat like Discord)

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@ITSTHETIM you are correct we were in discord but you will very clearly see and hear what I said in game right before we engage. Also, I like to think I’m good at giving people time to comply, now I will go back and watch video just to make sure but what I remember from when we engaged was one guy brings out his gun and raises it and one of you with your gun already out starts moving away and raises weapon, but, I will double check when I get home. Either way, this report is made invalid for 2 reasons, one you didn’t get killed sooo, second, we didn’t have to engage to kill you friend if we didn’t want to as we had defender rights from the guy you engaged on.

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@MasonnWB You used a 3rd party system to communicate where we couldnt hear to hold us up. Also you dont get defender rights for someone who isnt in your group! You guys were the aggressors on us and initiated first on us after we were initiated on someone else not in your group.


Also the random (Aiden) was the one who pulled his gun on you, my friend simply turned around and backed away from the shots assuming since he wasnt shooting back you wouldnt continue to mow him down.

added info
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Well we didn’t pre plan in discord our initiation and my video will show that, I say stuff in game, and we do gain defender rights as you engaged on someone we had recently Rp’d with but we did you the courtesy of engaging anyway.  The rights you are referring too are for attacking rights as an approved group. Go read through the the attacking and defending rights rules. And as said before would like this report to stay open for NVFL of his friend 

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Walking on the railroad tracks I look to my right and see light coming from the buildings. When trying to follow the light we walk up on someone breaking into a base. Me not really having a gun other than a single shot rifle I backed off to the shipping containers and watched within unblocked hearing range.

Noah Russo went off the find the man that had the light while the rest of us stayed with the group breaking in. When Noah comes back the group with the man that was shining the light the group that was breaking in suggests they tie up the man with the light for their safety.. when that conversation started I back up into the maze of shipping containers and heard gun shots shorty after. After being told to come back I walked back over and only one man was left alive. We took him to the train stationed and questioned him. After questioning we took him back to the base and took his ammo so he couldn’t shoot as we left. He proceeds to ask us to just kill him because we shot his friend and took ammo. At that point we leave and continue on our way. (Not really sure who was who horrible with names)

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If you are a defender - the one being initiated on or subjected to other hostile actions that threaten your life which you did not start or provoke - you are allowed to defend yourself by gaining  DEFENDER RIGHTS on the attackers. Defender rights allow you to kill attackers for 2 hours or until your character dies. Defender rights can be shared with anyone who you recently role played with as well as all your group members, if you are a part of an approved group.


Defender rights can be shared with anyone who you recently role played with 

We had right to kill you without initiating because you guys initiated on someone we were rping with so this report is invalid 

Nobody said in discord to initiate, I pointed my gun when I heard Thomas say everyone put your hands up.

Your boy didn't comply and pointed his gun at three people who had their weapons trained on him. Nvfl


Edit - I would like to say that I did enjoy your rp, op, and would like to rp again anytime. I wanted to clarify, as you guys do keep calling me jack, that we didn't introduce me as jack. As part of his back story is that Jack is running from a West coast American crime family he doesn't give out his real name so plz keep the name jack out of it IC. I would greatly appreciate it. Nobody ic knows my character as jack


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My PoV :

Me and my friend we're breaking into a base when we got stopped by the 4 others responsible ( noah-thomas and 2 others). We talked for a while and everyone was very chill. They asked us if we had a friend in town and since we we're out numbered and scared we told them we had a friend around (lie). I'm not sure why they assumed that the solo guy was in our group since we specifically told them he was not. We tried to tie him to avoid confusion and the group of 4-5 yelled to get our hands up. I turned around with my gun up and put it down immediately (I knew I would get sprayed and die), I had no time to comply with any request, they open fire on me. I tried jogging backwards with my gun down in panic and yelled '' WOW ! WOW ! STOP ! '' and died. I could of started shooting at any point and tried desperately to save my life by not shooting back and yelling for an end to the shots. I'm not sure if they we're in the right for killing me but in the future please give the person more then 0.5 sec to react. Its not because a person is aiming at you that you HAVE to shoot back, I think its interesting to have 2 groups aiming at each other with high tension, it makes interesting moments. I hope everyone has good day and i'll see you out there ?

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Alright here is the video that you guys need, So my suspicions were correct. We engage and @James North turn around and aims his gun at the people im with resulting in his death. Now from what I have seen in these Point of views, the guy that initially gets held up apparently pulled his shot gun when we engaged. I dont see it in my video but in the other POV's you guys say so. I sincerly apologize to the guy that was held up first if I did kill you by accident (I am just shit at aiming). Please feel free to DM me if you wish to talk but you will see in the video its unintentional. As for you friend not aiming his gun at us? The video you will see that he CLEARLY does aim his gun and by that point its already to late as we open fire on him. I Reccomend in the future if you don't wish to fight back when being engaged on,  don't move a muscle and especially don't aim a weapons regardless if your intention is to comply, you will 100% of the time be shot for it as it looks like non compliance. Anyway, here is the video



Edit: you will very clearly hear what I say in game right before we engage @ITSTHETIM just so you know we didnt plan it in discord.


Also, Lying in a report

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14 hours ago, ITSTHETIM said:

I had luckily just put my gun away to cuff the man, but my friend who had a pp-19 turned to face them WITHOUT aiming his weapon

Lying here


44 minutes ago, James North said:

I tried jogging backwards with my gun down in panic and yelled '' WOW ! WOW ! STOP !

Lying here


4 hours ago, ITSTHETIM said:

then with only the one warning open fire after my friend holding a PP-19 (not aiming it)

Lying here


Hope this clears stuff up for everyone. Also, I don't actually care about weather it was NVFL or not. If that was even considered Im okay with dropping it. But the video doesn't lie


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@ITSTHETIM Not interested in talking out the report. You see in the video your dude has his gun lowered, turns around, raises gun, gets killed 

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Alright I’m done being stubborn  please close the report staff team ?

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  • MVP


A team of staff members have looked over this report and has decided to honor the request of the OP ( @ITSTHETIM) and close the report.

We also want to quickly say that was are happy you could work things out, with that said.




signed @Samti@Hofer & @Derek Steel

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