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Nox An Victorum


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Originating in 1347 in Strausberg, Germany, Nox An Victorum was a secret Order of prestigious plague doctors. Watching as the plague and pestilence spread throughout Europe, the Order became suspicious of how it spread. Soon the Order believed that the plague spread because of impurities that certain humans have within their blood. A common practice to ‘expel these impurities’ was to “bloodlet” or slowly let the bad blood drain from a plague afflicted person. Nox An Victorum believed this to be redundant as you cannot release the impurities of an afflicted soul, you can only remove them.

So the guild began a new practice: testing the blood of anyone who passed through their various towns, seeing if their blood was pure or not, and killing the afflicted to stop further spread of pestilence. This was soon discovered by various medieval nations, and the Order had to retreat once again into clandestine operations. After the black death ceased, Nox An Victorum members believed that they solely saved Europe by murdering tens of thousands of the afflicted. 

After the Black Death the Order spread to various regions of the world, reaching as far east as China and Siberia. They remained secretive, holding biannual meetings about how to rid the world of the pestilence and never allow an epidemic to occur again. This work for various outbreaks. Killing off people with smallpox, influenza, hepatitis, syphilis, leprosy, and polio. They would test for the “pure” blood and if someone was “worthy” they could be adopted into the brotherhood as a soldier. 

In modern history many families of the Order spread and became mundane enough to be outcasted. Remnants of Nox An Victorum were scattered far and wide among the world, usually unaware of their comrades locations. That was… until recently.

The plague that hit Chernarus, and slowly spread into the world was well noticed by the Order. It showed that the need for a certain… medical practice was once again needed. So sending off a few of the remnants of Nox An Victorum to Chernarus was simply second nature for the Order. Starting with Daegon Blackwood, a true Nox An Victorum bloodline member, the order began to recruit and appear among the various towns of Chernarus. Members are always of Pure Blood, and must willfully accept the Order as their own family. They must know who is and isn't of pure blood, and must be ready to strike down the afflicted. 

The real pestilence of Chernarus isn’t that the dead walk the land. It's that the impure blood still is able to make its way around, untouched and out of control. You see… The afflicted with the pestilence are nothing more than pure savages. They will kill and rob for no reason other than to better themselves. They are selfish, cunning, sneaky, and deadly. The impure can hide in front of your very eyes, for years even, and then will murder you where you stand when the savagery reenters their minds.

A simple test, blood test, can tell if you are pure or not… the question is… will you survive if you aren't?  


The goals of Nox An Victorum in Chernarus are very simple: 

1. Establish a Chapel (safezone) for those of pure blood and a safe haven for those who do not wish to fight the pestilence: Done by day 865.


2. Fight those who are afflicted and have been tested, and make sure those who are pure are safe and alive: Done by day 910.


3. Trade and make well with various outer parties that are willing to aide in the fight against the pestilence. Especially friendly groups: Done by Day 910.


4. Attack and raid the groups with impure in their presence, especially bandit groups: Done by Day 900.


5. Maintain patrols in cities under the control of the Order: Done by Day 920.


6. Spread influence among the common people and become known by most citizens: Done by Day 925.


7. Create various FOBs and expand the reach of The Order: Done by Day 935.


8. Create a Christmas feast and celebration for the pure: Done by Day 899


9. Create a clinic near the home-base in which people can be tested for purity and receive medical attention: Done by Day 920.


10. Establish a holy war with bandit factions and arise victor: Done by Day 950


Active Nox An Victorum Roster:



Monker: Daegon Blackwood

NotTyrone420: Tyrone Anderson

CptGerardo: Alberto Vargas

Jack DouchwaJack Douchwa

Rookie52Curtis Rook

Jamen: Lewis Kane

ColinsHarry Collins

Lawsii: Luke DiPinto

Dante Hazard: Dante Hazard 

GGVIXJoe Frank

Jamescook16: James Cook

Spazz1313: Henry

Pitifulpuitn: Chris Scott

Poverty: Hans Weisengheimer

Joseph Locke: Joseph Locke












Those of pure blood will bask in the light of salvation, and will be saved when The Order reclaims the land.

Those who are impure will die in blood and sacrifice, either from working in chains, or a quick bullet to the skull!





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  • Diamond

Good luck to y'all! I look forward to what y'all offer!!! 

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  • MVP

1. Goals will need to be reworked with predicted dates of completion, additionally it doesn't hurt to make a few more, 5 goals is not that many, especially when one of them is to attack anyone "Impure."

2. You need a roster with your active members and their characters listed.

3. Thread is very... Bare... It's not a requirement, but I heavily suggest you reach out to any of the graphic artists in this community and score yourself some fresh hot graphics for the thread.


Other than that I genuinely like the idea and I'd like to see how it develops.


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Had the pleasure of meeting one your members recently, Best of luck with approval

Also your group and mine could be potential allies in the near future, Seeing as we both share the same views against bandit factions ?

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Had the pleasure of being pseudo-kidnapped the other day! It was fun and goddamn spooky. Unfortunately crashes and server restarts made me lose you all, but thanks for the roleplay!

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  • Diamond

Thank you for the lovely and memorable roleplay in Zelenogorsk, @Monker, @Colins, and the rest of Nox An Victorum.  Although a novice RP'er, I greatly appreciated the entire encounter.  To the point that afterward my character was genuinely affected mentally and has begun processing this encounter internally.  Thank you for your patience and assistance as I learn how to RP better to help make the experience go well for everyone.  And thank you for helping to make a true and lasting memory for Wes Billings.  *tipshat* 

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  • Diamond

Good luck boys

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  • MVP

Good luck! 

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  • MVP

Pure blood hm...?

Time to pack my bags and go looking again.

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  • Sapphire

Goodness, here's hoping Lord Ashford's blue blood will pass muster. Lovely thread chaps, the lore is creative, eloquently poised and dripping with atmosphere. The latin is a welcome addition, I might add. I'll have to book a doctor's appointment with you fine gentlemen soon, I've long suspected that a good leeching is the cure to all ailments. 'Nox An Victorum' indeed or as we in the Cavaliers like to say, "Sol Invictus!"

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  • Sapphire

Good luck ladies 


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  • Legend

So... you're SCP 049, running around testing for some unknown pestilence then? 

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  • Diamond


Group looks interesting and has some unique goals. I'll give you guys a shot.

@Monker Make sure to get the GroupCP up and get the invites out to the other members

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